5 Signs of a Bad SEO Company

How to Avoid Bad SEO

watch outMany times when we talk to bail bond companies, they are leery of working with another SEO company. Often people have been burned in the past by SEO and assume there are no good options left. If you are uncertain of how to avoid bad SEO, take heed of these five warning signs of a bad SEO company. SEO is a wonderful tool when used properly, so ensure a company is legitimate before signing on the dotted line.

1) Lofty Promises

handshake agreementIs the company promising you things that seem too good to be true? They probably are too good to be true. One of the number one lies SEO companies will tell you is that they guarantee you a number one ranking on Google. No one can guarantee this, in fact, Google themselves have said no one can. A good SEO company should have a legitimate game plan in place.

Bottom line: Ask for their goals for your bail bond site. Make sure they are realistic and well thought out. Don’t buy into something that seems too good to be true.

2) Inbound Link Building

picture of burglarAnother popular tactic of bad SEO companies is employing the use of inbound link building. They will often promise to boost your inbound links overnight from 100’s to 1,000’s. Run far away from company who does this. They will use bad link sources such as link farms, false directories, fake forums and other shoddy backlink origins.

Bottom line: Google knows the difference between proper and improper backlinks. They will penalize your domain name severely for bad inbound linking. A good SEO company should build your links through a natural progression due to a proper web presence.

3) Reused Content

copier machineSome SEO companies take on a large number of clients in the same industry. They then recycle their content on every website they create. This copied content will be penalized by Google and will hurt the ranking of your website severely. All content needs to be unique and authoritative.

Bottom line: Ask for their content management plan. We have a team of professional writers on staff dedicated to crafting original and properly optimized content for each new client. We never copy content, even for ongoing blog posts.

4) No Portfolio

portfolio of clientsWhen you talk to an SEO company ask about their current clients. If they do not want to show you a portfolio of clients they are working with, it is a sign of a bad SEO company. They know if their work is not high quality, you will be turned off by seeing their current client sites.

Bottom line: A good SEO company will want to showcase their clients. They will be excited about the work they have already done and will share that with you willingly.

5) Long Term Contracts

signing a contractIf the SEO company in question is asking you to sign a long term contract, think twice before you do. A long term agreement is one way bad SEO companies retain clients. They know you will not want to stay with them once you see the level of work they provide, so they force you to sign in for a long term agreement up front.

Bottom line: Stick to a company like ours that allows you to stay with them on a month to month basis. When a company provides proper SEO services, they know clients will stick around because of the results they see.

Keep these five signs of a bad SEO company in mind while you navigate the internet marketing waters. And talk to us today about optimizing your bail bond site for important keywords in your local market!