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6 Common Technical SEO Issues That Could Hurt Your Bail Website

Technical SEO Issues on Bail Website

Bail websites need SEO just as much as any other industry, and perhaps even more. Because Google banned bail bonds ads in 2018, SEO has become the only viable method for acquiring inbound leads online. But SEO is more complex than simply editing meta titles and keywords.

There is a more tech-savvy aspect of search engine optimization, something known as technical SEO. This refers to the updates to a website or server that you have immediate control over. Not only that, but these changes also have a direct impact on your web page’s indexation, crawlability, and impacts the search rankings.

Technical SEO is the first step towards creating a better overall search experience. Fixing those technical SEO issues is a way to refine your website and make it cleaner and more easily found by search engines crawling your website.

Here are six of the most common technical SEO issues out there that you should be aware of when it comes to your website.


Now more than ever, site security is of the utmost importance. People are sharing their information with plenty of websites out there and it is important to know that those websites are taking the proper measures towards keeping their information safe.

The fact is that there are far too many websites still not employing the HTTPS protocol. When your website isn’t secure, it might scare off users from visiting your website. This could cost you valuable traffic that could eventually be converted into sales.

The fix is relatively quick, though you have to purchase and install an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority. Still, consider this an investment in your website as it can go a long way towards making your visitors feel secure.

2) Improper Indexing

Take a quick second to search for your brand name in Google. If it doesn’t show up, there could be an issue with your indexing. And as far as Google is concerned, if your pages aren’t index they don’t exist, and they will not be found in search engines.

All you have to do is type “” in Google’s search bar and count the number of indexed pages that come up. If you are seeing more or less pages indexed than you originally anticipated, perform a site audit and then check Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to ensure that your website is compliant.

Making certain your website is indexed is very important for drawing in that organic search engine traffic and should not be ignored.

3) Slow Page Speeds

Here’s the thing: if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load, you are way behind the eight ball. Users will not wait that long for a page to load before going elsewhere. Your site speed is one of the more important factors when it comes to user experience and to Google’s search rankings.

This is one of those technical SEO issues that absolutely has to be fixed because of the impact that it has across your website and with user experience. You can perform speed tests through Google PageSpeed Insights or have seoClarity scan your website to check for speed.

The thing is that issues with your site speed can range from fairly quick to completely difficult. If you are using a web developer, talk with them to solve this very common technical SEO issue. If you are the web master, it can mean compression of images, browser caching, or improvement to your servers.

4) Multiple Versions of Your Homepage

Another of the most common technical SEO issues is that there are multiple versions of your homepage. Even if they direct to the same place, this multiple URL indexes can dilute your site’s visibility in the searches.

The best way to combat this common technical SEO issue is to check to see if different versions of your URL flow to one standard URL. This can include the HTTP and HTTPS versions as well as things like “” You’ll want to check each combination.

Another way to do this is to check which pages are indexed and if they do stem from multiple URL versions. If you do discover that there are multiple indexes, you need to set up 301 redirects or have your developer set them up for you.

5) Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is one of those common technical SEO issues that plagues websites and they don’t even realize it. This is especially true with more and more brands using content management systems, dynamically created websites, and global SEO practices.

When there is duplicate content, it can confuse search engine crawlers and prevent the correct form of content from being served up to your target audience. Duplicate content can happen for a few different reasons. Things like your e-commerce site store items appearing on multiple versions of the same URL or printer-only web pages repeating content on their main page.

Removing this duplicate content is one of those common technical SEO issues that can keep the search engines finding the relevant content it needs to put forth to your end-user.

6) Broken Links

If you’re even moderately familiar with SEO, you know that links are essential for the success of your website. Both good internal and external links will show both the crawlers and users that you have high quality content.

Broken links lead to aggravating overall user experience and can cost you valuable traffic. Broken links also tend to reflect lower quality content which is a factor that can have a major impact on page ranking in the long run.

If you are redoing a site that has a ton of broken links, a site audit is the best bet here. It allows for covering all the pages and finding each broken link. Going forward, you should be checking these pages as you update them to ensure that all links are there. It puts an end to one of those common technical SEO issues that can cause a real problem.

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How Bail Bondsmen Can Build White-Hat Links (Step by Step)

Link Building

The world of bail bonds SEO can be quite confusing to those who have no experience. And one of the most confusing terms that you may have heard out there is white-hat links. With their black hat counterparts, you might be feeling a bit confused. White-hat links are links that are built through SEO strategies that focus on the human audience as opposed to search engines. Not only that, it completely follows the rules that have been outlined for search engines and their policies.

Black hat links, meanwhile, are tactics that are used to drive traffic to a website through the exploitation of website loopholes. This means getting a higher search ranking than it should through more “organic” means.

Let’s take a step back first before we worry about white-hat links. First, we should have a firm understanding of just what link building is.

What is Link Building?

Link building the practice of building one-way hyperlinks to a website with the effort of improving search engine visibility. The most common strategies for this include building useful tools, content marketing, email outreach, public relations, and broken link building.

These links are important and have always been for SEO practices. These links help to build the authority behind that webpage through links from other websites. Google also focuses on link quality as opposed to quantity, meaning that it focuses on how good the links are more than how many there are.

What makes for (Good) White-hat Links?

Understanding what goes into a quality linking strategy will be the foundation for what you need to create quality white-hat links that really bolster your website. More importantly, white-hat links will build the overall authority of your page, giving you the recognition that every online entity wants.

It should go without saying that getting links from authoritative pages out there will also help your own website build that same authority. And those white-hat links are what will propel you even higher into the search rankings than ever before.

This can easily be achieved by checking with a proxy indicator of PageRank. When you put your URL in there, it gives it an overall URL Rating. Not only that, but a link’s quality is also determined by a domain’s overall site-wide authority.

Think of it like this: getting a link from a site like the New York Times will have a much larger impact than getting a link from an unknown blogger. This helps to build the overall authority of your website and strengthen its presence in Google’s SERPs.

Editorial Links vs Non-Editorial Links

Part of the key to creating white-hat links is also in getting more editorial links attributed to you. The difference here is that, with an editorial link, someone wrote about how awesome they think your website is and places the link accordingly.

With a non-editorial link, this is generally from creating a profile on a random site and dropping your link there. And it should go without saying that Google places far more weight in those editorially-placed links.

From the source:

“…creating links that weren’t editorially placed or vouched for by the site’s owner on a page, otherwise known as unnatural links, can be considered a violation of our guidelines.”

Part of this is achieved through what is known as anchor text. Quality white-hat links will come from anchor text used throughout the writing. Not only that, Google actually uses anchor text as a ranking signal.

How to Create White-Hat Links Through These Methods

Thankfully, there are plenty of sites out there that can help you to develop those white-hat links that can really boost your overall SERP rankings and improve the visibility and ranking strength of your website as a whole.

These are just general methods that have been successful but it is important to note that this is by no means a scientific method of achieving this kind of success.

Create List Posts

This is essentially a list or a tips section that presents a specific number of items to the reader. Best of all, numbered lists can be about literally any topic you can think of, making it perfect for white-hat links.

It works because it provides a lot of value into smaller chunks that won’t scare off users who don’t particularly want to read a wall of text. Best of all, these lists generate more backlinks than any other content format out there.

For bail bondsmen, this could be a “8 things you need to know about bail bonds” kind of post. It provides helpful information but does so in a way that not only makes it easier for the reader to digest but with a lot of authoritative information behind it.

Make Use of Your Visual Assets

One of the best ways to create white-hat links for your website is to make certain that you are implementing images, videos, infographics, charts, diagrams and any other kind of visually-oriented piece of content.

As mentioned in the list post section, the idea is to make the content as easily-digestible for the reader as possible. Even better, visuals are very easy to link to. If you publish a chart on your website, you will get a link anytime someone shares that chart.

The linking of images and infographics is the quickest and best way to get long-lasting links to your website and engages your audience in a completely different way, creating white-hat links for your website.

Create ‘Ultimate Guides’

Again, the key here is to be authoritative and to present as much useful information to the user as humanly possible. There is no better way to provide a ton of helpful information to the user than in a guide that is jam-packed with information.

These ultimate guides are meant to be just that: a definitive source of information that covers all areas of the subject at hand. This is so that it becomes a go-to source for the audience to reference whenever they have questions regarding the topic at hand.

The more informative and helpful these guides are, the more it will be linked and shared. This helps to build the authority of the page itself as well as the website. And having a link-worthy piece also means that you can build links the old fashioned way: through email outreach.

Email Outreach

There is no more reliable or dependable way to create strong backlinks than to reach out to the audience that you appeal to. This can be done by reverse-engineering a bit of information.  That means searching for your target word, doing some link analysis of similar URLs for the same keyword, and finding websites that are more likely to link to your posts.

Once you’ve done this, there are resources out there that will help you get the email addresses associated with these sites. And once you have those all-important emails, you can begin with your email.

The key here is to send them a personalized script. Don’t make it sound like something you’ve sent to a million people. Keep it unique enough that they won’t just dismiss it as a spam email and disregard it entirely.

Resource Pages

This is a great example of implementing white-hat links the easy way. These resource pages are there to link out to exceptional content on a specific topic. This can be done by using string searches in Google that center around your keyword plus things like “helpful resources”, “useful resources”, or “useful links”.

From here, you can find which websites will have the most authoritative impact on developing those white-hat links. And keep in mind that if your content is great, it won’t matter if it isn’t a good fit for that resource page.

Broken Link Building

This is a great way to develop white-hat links because it isn’t the same as begging someone for a quality link. Instead, you can add value to someone’s website. Find websites with lots of outbound links and check for the broken ones.

When you’ve done this, email the website owner about those broken links and use it as an opportunity to pitch content from your site to replace that broken link or links. Again, it is important to not sound too scripted or they will write you off immediately.

Being able to supplement their existing content with some of your own is a great way to develop those backlinks. They can really bolster your Google SERPs and help to develop your website’s overall authority on the web.

As you can see, there are a ton of ways of developing relevant and valuable backlinks. Best of all, they won’t land you in black hat territory. With white-hat links, your website will get the authority that it needs to stand out. And you won’t be taking shortcuts or employing the tactics that black hat linkers implement.

The key is to be consistent. Develop relevant information, and work diligently to create those inroads that can lead to valuable backlinking. When you have begun to establish your website as an authority, you will notice an uptick in backlinks. That should only strengthen over time.

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Why Lori Vallow-Daybell May Have a Bail Bonds Problem

Lori Vallow Daybell Bail Cover

Lori Vallow-Daybell has made quite the name for herself in recent months. The mother of two missing Idaho children is facing felony charges of desertion and nonsupport.

Lori Vallow-Daybell Faces Bail Troubles

Despite the fact that the judge in the Lori Vallow-Daybell case lowered the bail from $5 million to $1 million, it appears that some bail bonds companies are not willing to take her on as a client. This began with at least two bail bonds businesses declining to work with her.

This is quite the turn of events considering the fact that many believed she would post bail back on Friday night, hours after the lower bond was determined. But as of this writing, Lori Vallow-Daybell is still behind bars.

L. Dominic Sanone is the President of Dewey’s Bail Bonds Inc and takes calls throughout the day from potential clients from all over the Salt Lake Valley. He explained the issues facing Vallow and why she may not be bailed out.

“I would assume that the companies in Rexburg are used to writing $1,500 bails, and maybe $10,000 is a large bond,” Sanone said. “It’s a small city.”

The biggest is that some bail bonds businesses just don’t have enough insurance to cover a high $1 million bond when something like a $10,000 bond might be pushing their limits. That’s not even taking into account the hoops that need to be jumped through when it comes to ensuring the person can pay the bail fee and offer up collateral.

There is also the potential of a defendant being a flight risk. Given that Vallow and Daybell disappeared the day after police visited their home, it seems like a valid concern to wonder if Vallow would disappear after posting bail.

In the event that Vallow bonds out, she would have to follow court-ordered restrictions that include staying within a 4-county perimeter as well as wearing an ankle monitor to track her location at all times. Even with these things, it does not stop the potential of her taking off when free.

As of now, the bail fee for Lori Vallow-Daybell’s case is $100,000 or 10% of the bond. This means the collateral would need to be substantial, meaning the bondsman would need close to $1 million in collateral to take on that kind of bond.

And then there is the matter of not wanting to take on the case due to the nature of the details. With the death of Daybell’s wife and the two missing children, it might not be worth the negative publicity to take on the bond.

All of this means that it is very unlikely that Vallow makes bail and will face her trial from behind bars in the most likely scenarios. Still, she continues to be confident and defiant despite the situation. As we learn more details, things will no doubt take a few more turns.

What’s the Story?

Joshua “JJ”, 7 years old, and Tylee Ryan, 17 years old, have been missing since September. Lori Vallow-Daybell and her new husband Chad had been living in Hawaii without their missing children since early December with the two getting married just weeks before.

If that isn’t suspicious enough, the wedding took place just two weeks after Daybell’s wife – to whom he had been married for 30 years – died under suspicious circumstances.

An Idaho court then asked Lori Vallow-Daybell to bring the children to authorities in Rexburg, Idaho. After ignoring the court order to produce the kids, she was arrested on February 20th in Kauai, Hawaii and her bail was set at an astounding $5 million.

To make matters worse for herself, Vallow lied when authorities asked her about the whereabouts of her missing son and then were no longer at their home when police returned the very next day.

Suspicious Deaths

If the case of the missing children – and the seemingly indifferent mother – weren’t enough to bring attention to the case, there are three deaths tied to both Vallow and her new husband Chad since the couple came together.

Daybell’s wife Tammy died in October with her obituary stating it was from natural causes. The police questioned this and had her body exhumed, though the results have not yet been released on that matter.

In April, Vallow’s brother Alex Cox would fatally shoot Charles Vallow. In case you couldn’t guess it, Vallow was the ex-husband of Lori Vallow. The scene was described as an act of self-defense during a confrontation as Lori and the children were leaving Charles and the area. The police were investigating the case when they found Cox unresponsive in December when he would soon pass away.

Leaked Emails

If all of that weren’t crazy enough, there were leaked emails last week that revealed that Chad Daybell had sent Lori Vallow about the “seven missions to accomplish together.” These ideas included “translating ancient records, writing a book about it, identifying locations in Arizona for ‘white camps,’ the presidency of the Church of Firstborn, establish food distribution as the tribulations start, ordain individuals to translation and provide supplies to righteous members of families.”

Causing a Stir in Court

Since then, Vallow-Daybell has created some issues for herself by seeming “smug” and “confident” in court. This is especially surprising given the fact that she has two children missing for the last six months. Observers noted Vallow walk into the courtroom smiling, looking totally relaxed.

In a court case of any kind, this would indicate arrogance but in a case with missing children involved, one would assume that the mother should be showing some kind of concern. Instead, she looks smug and happy whereas the grandparents of the children looked concerned.

More so, Vallow is showing defiance when she walks into the courtroom. She holds her chin up, showing confidence and cockiness, giving off the aura that she feels that she is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Again, with missing children involved, this seems like a wholly inappropriate response to the situation.

The Plight of Bail Bondsmen & Bondswomen

Sometimes bail companies take on clients that are not ideal to work with. But in this case, the issue is complicated by the set bail number along with insurance coverage. Bail companies can educate potential clients about what their standards and practices are through digital marketing. Bail Webmasters helps bail agents with SEO and website design, but more so than that, we help them with marketing their company based on the morals and principles they hope to permeate throughout their communities.

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8 Bail Bond Blog Topics That Can Increase Conversions in 2020

Regardless of the industry, every website out there should have a blog. This is because, regardless of the service or product being offered, a blog is a great way to generate organic traffic that comes to your website.

This is especially true for bail bonds websites since they can no longer advertise on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. That makes organic SEO that much more important and content marketing through blog posts is a big part of search optimization.

When covering bail bond blog topics, it is important to cover a comprehensive range of topics, but it is even more important to be knowledgeable and authoritative. Having that authoritative voice is the key to bringing in readers that may not have bothered with your website previously.

Here are bail bond blog topics that can help get you going, leading to the organic traffic that your website has been after.

Bail Bond Blog Topics Graphic

1) Assessing Jails in The Area

When it comes to creating bail bond blog topics, there are times where touching on the unfortunate realities associated with the situation can be vital. After all, there is a reason that these people are coming to your website – they need a bail bond service.

Giving the reader a better understanding of the jails in the area is one of the more common bail bond blog topics, allowing for a better sense of understanding as to how those area jails work. This is one of those bail bond blog topics that can provide peace of mind to the reader in times of uncertainty.

2) How to Choose The Best Attorney

The bail bond process is just one portion of the process. One of the great bail bond blog topics is explaining to the reader how to choose the proper attorney. Lawyers are rarely a one-size-fits-all kind of solution and having the specific type of defender can be highly beneficial to the reader.

This is one of those bail bond blog topics that can speak to the real situations out there, providing a sense of understanding that some readers will need as they search for a dependable bond service. Keep the topics relatable to make for the best and most relevant reads.

3) Choosing Between a Public Defender and Private Lawyer

Compared to previous bail bond blog topics, this one is a bit more on the specific side of things. Again, not every legal situation is the same and there are different requirements and needs for each specific case.

Great bail bond blog topics will cover a variety of scenarios in a general sense yet maintain the level of detail that applies to the person reading. Most people don’t know the difference between a public defender and a private lawyer aside from the price.

This is one of those bail bond blog topics where you can get comprehensive and detailed, covering many situations and scenarios that relate to the target audience.

4) Explaining an Arrest to a Child

The case with the most quality bail bond blog topics is to strike a note with the audience. Bring up scenarios and situations that they can relate to other than the fact that they’re looking for a bail bond service.

Bringing up the tough situation of explaining an arrest to a child is one of those bail bond blog topics that really hit a personal note if the person reading it has been in a situation like this or know someone who has.

Knowing what to say can be difficult and being provided with a bit of a guiding hand to the target audience can be enough to have them referring your business to others.

5) Bail Bond Payment Options

What better bail bond blog topics than covering the ways that payment can be made? After all, your bail bond business is looking to generate revenue and the customer needs a way to get bail bonds in short order.

Make it as easy as possible on the user. Help them find the appropriate payment options so that they have a clear understanding of how to pay and when taking the guesswork out of at least one portion of the process. This can help provide a bit of peace of mind in an otherwise uncertain situation.

6) Common Terms in the Criminal Justice System

Let’s face facts: there are a ton of terms out there in the criminal justice system that leaves us staring blankly. One of the best bail bond blog topics out there is covering the variety of language and lingo that can be found in the justice system.

This can help better prepare someone when dealing with the criminal justice system on their own or helping someone they know. Again, provide that helpful, authoritative voice and they will come to you whenever they have a problem or need to know something you can show them.

7) Understanding Your Right to Remain Silent

Far too many people do not understand their most basic of rights. A great way to cover a litany of bail bond blog topics is to explain what the rights of the defendant are. The right to remain silent is one of those laws that most do not get when it comes to the impact it has on them.

Break down the legal aspect of situations such as these in a way that any audience can understand. That will provide your audience with peace of mind and a more comfortable understanding of both the process and the rights that they have.

8) Why Bail Bonds are The Most Affordable Option

Despite all the bail bond blog topics out there, the most relatable is finding yourself in a situation where an arrest occurred, and the next step seems so uncertain. Being able to provide experiences, testimonies, and examples surrounding the bail bond process is a great idea.

Make the situation relatable, letting the reader know that they are not alone in situations such as these. That realistic approach is what will bring in readers and provide them with a level of trust in your voice and service.

How To Generate Bail Bond Leads in 2020

Buy Bail Bond Leads

You are probably wondering how to promote a bail bonds company after Google banned PPC bail ads. You may be out of advertising ideas and even may be questioning whether investing in bail bonds can continue to be a profitable business. Luckily, there is a bail bonds network that still exists online, as long as you are able to optimize your brand through SEO. By investing in SEO services you can essentially buy leads for your bail bond business.

Bail Bond Leads Graphic

What Bail Bondsmen Need To Know

Generating bail bond leads is the lifeblood of your business. Leads become customers and without a consistent stream of new customers, your business ceases to exist.

Generating bail bond leads is similar to many other small businesses out there. The industry is crowded, and fighting for the same market share in that limited geographical region can present a challange.

So, how can you generate bail bond leads for your business, keeping it growing at a consistent rate? There are a few effective methods that you should be following. Before long, you will begin to see a steady growth that will keep your business going strong.

Conversion-Focused Websites

The idea of your website is a really simplistic one: you want to draw traffic to it so that potential customers can decide on using your business. When creating bail bond leads, it is important to have a website that is focused on converting those leads.

Your website is often the first impression that potential customers get when it comes to your business. This is why it is so important to have a design that is focused on converting visitors when they are the fence about making a decision.

Clarity is the key. Make certain that you are absolutely clear about what it is you do, where you are located, and how customers can contact you. People who are in need of bail bonds don’t want to waste the time trying to understand your branding or attempting to navigate a website that confuses them.

A clean, modern design keeps things simple and instills trust between you and your target audience. That clarity and ease of use are what you need to earn those leads that will keep your bail bond business going strong.

Should you need to explain a more complicated process, use infographics to help generate bail bond leads. Those consumers who are faster moving online tend to get more out of infographics than they do any other type of content.

This is the best way to convey the information necessary without it seeming like a wall of text. It is visually appealing enough that it will grab the attention of your target audience while still providing the necessary information.

Conversion-Friendly Bail Website for Leads

Websites That Produce Conversions Also Generate Bail Leads and Serve as The Foundation for Search Optimization

Maximized Video Content

One of the fastest-growing methods of developing content in order to generate bail bonds leads is to create video content. There have been studies that have shown an increase in conversion rates for bail bond websites when video marketing was used.

A video is an excellent tool because it communicates your message without that potential wall of text that can be off-putting to your target audience. Not everyone wants to read, well, anything. Having a video to inform them makes it far more appealing.

Best of all, you can get creative with the commercials that you make. Generating bail leads can become a bit easier when implementing that strategic video content to your website.

What is great about video is that it is far easier than ever before to create. With the improvement of smartphones and tablets, literally anyone can create a high-quality video with ease and upload it in that same high quality. Creating commercials has never been easier, allowing bail bond companies to create the perfect commercial in a flash.

Reputation Management

Reputation is one of the most important aspects of a business. If you have a poor reputation, you will find it far more difficult to not only get conversions but to generate those bail bond leads that will keep your business booked for the near future.

It should come as no surprise that consumers are checking into the businesses that they plan to use. And why wouldn’t they? A cursory Google search allows us to check into the reputation of a business in just a few short minutes. Even someone in immediate trouble or trying to secure a bond for a family member will likely check out the reviews for a given bail bondsman.

This is a habit for modern customers. Star ratings can dictate which direction a customer will move in and if your business is on the lower end of the spectrum, you could be losing out on customers over the long run.

It should go without saying that positive reviews are a must and you need quite a bit of them. The more the better, especially given that Google and other search engines put heavy emphasis on those positive reviews for their SEO rankings.

When you have a lot of positive reviews, customers feel a sense of trust in your business. This is because those reviews come from actual customers who have used that service before. When the reviews rave about the quality of the business, that just increases that level of trust that the potential customer feels towards that business.

But here’s the thing: negative reviews are okay in small quantity. This is because having 100% positive reviews makes a business seem unrealistic, less human. It’s those few negative reviews that give a business the warts necessary to feel like a real company.

It is how you handle those negative reviews that matter the most. There are far too many businesses that do not respond in a professional manner to negative reviews, instead choosing to take that time to get into fights with those reviewers.

When you can handle a negative review with professionalism, it goes to show potential customers that you are willing to go above and beyond to provide satisfaction. This is the kind of service that can push a business in any industry above and beyond in the eyes of the customer.

Bail Reputation Management for Leads

Reviews on Your Website Boosts Reputation & Provides Social Proof

Mobile-Friendly User Experience

Now more than ever, mobile is the chosen platform for users everywhere. This is because smartphones and tablets have become such commonplace that nearly everyone (or so it seems) has one of those two devices.

This also means that more and more searches are beginning on the mobile platform. So if your website is not equipped for mobile, it is missing out on a serious portion of the crowd. Those websites that aren’t optimized for mobile will likely be passed over by those initiating mobile searches.

Being mobile-friendly is especially important when generating bail bond leads. This is because time is generally of the essence when it comes to bail bonds. There generally isn’t a whole lot of waiting around when it comes to procuring a bail bond for a family member. Being able to search mobile will allow the user to find what they are looking for in short order.

The key to mobile optimization is to make certain that the layout is clean. With smaller screens, a more cluttered website will look clunky on mobile. Keep things simple and you will make it easier on the user to find what they are looking for within your website.

Content Creation & Marketing

In the eyes of Google and other search engines, having informative and authoritative content can go a long way towards shooting your website up the SEO rankings. This is because Google wants to ensure that they are providing the most relative and informative results to those using their search engine.

With content, this is the best way to build that authoritative voice. A blog is a great way to achieve this. You can write about relevant questions that users are asking about the industry and answering them definitively.

This achieves two things. The first is that it makes your website friendlier in the eyes of the search engines. This can help push you to the top of the rankings in your geographical area, giving you the leg up on the competition in this regard.

The second is that it makes your website appointment clicking. Even if someone is on the fence about using your service, they may refer to your website for the answers to questions that they may have had. This helps to drive that organic traffic to your website, creating bail bond leads that can eventually be converted into real dollars towards your bottom line.

Don’t overlook the value of content creation for your website. Especially in a service-based industry like the bail bond industry, it can set you apart in the best of ways. This will draw more eyes to your website and, therefore, your service.

The best way to achieve this is to Google questions that those in your industry may be asking. Take the time to address them thoroughly, hitting the right keywords along the way. This will make your website the authority that all others, both in the industry and outside, will refer to as a reference.

This method also creates the ever-valuable backlinks. Other reputable websites within your industry will then link back to your website because they believe you to be an authority. This can have tremendous impacts not only on your traffic but on your SEO rankings as well. Truly, content is king in situations like this.

Bail Webmasters Logo

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How To Promote a Bail Bonds Company in 2020

If you’re wondering how to promote a bail bonds company in 2020, you’re not alone! With the shifting climate and legislation surrounding the bail industry, many companies wonder which advertising mediums are still worth their investment. Some still feel shaken from the loss of Google Ads and Facebook Advertising, which heavily stunted online ad channels for thousands of bail bonds companies!

Thankfully, there are several prime channels (physical and digital) that offer impressive lead-generating potential. We’ve identified a handful of these to investigate for your own bail bonds team. Keep in mind, availability will vary according to your city and business environment. But you can generally find opportunities in these throughout the US.

Let’s get started! 

Physical Asset Promotion

While we’re all about the digital marketing life here at Bail Webmasters, it’s clear that traditional mediums still have some value left to share. Few advertising mediums permanently disappear. Rather, they experience lulls and resurgences in popularity.  Any channel with a positive ROI is worth investigating. As long as your company message gets in front of receptive people (for the right price), go for it!

Just make sure that to do your own research on ROI and exposure; don’t let the advertising company do it for you. This protects you from over-enthusiastic, sometimes shady marketing companies that promise great results but don’t always deliver. Be sure to examine post-client reviews from local businesses, especially if you don’t have former experience with the firm.


Team, organization, and event sponsorships still provide great exposure. Finding the right opportunities means identifying organizations that naturally fit with your target market. Choosing a broader audience means more people get exposed to your brand. However, it also ensures a costlier sponsorship.

A Chart Showing Costs of Sponsorship Opportunities

Organizations Like ZipSprout Make it Easier to Identify Sponsorships That Suit a Bail Audience.

On the other hand, smaller organizations and events can connect you with a smaller, but highly qualified audiences. You save money, and it’s easier to develop long-term relationships with your sponsored group. While it may require additional effort to research the perfect opportunities for your business, companies like ZipSprout make it easier.

Billboard Exposure

While small-time sponsorships act like a sharpened scalpel in advertising, billboards are more of a blunt instrument. They work incredibly well for broad-level exposure, especially in premium highway settings. With that being said, there’s very little way to control who sees your ad.

Cost of Purchasing a Billboard Ad in Fort Worth

Billboard Pricing Varies By Vendor, Sign Size, and Placement. Image Source: Times OOH Media

They can also be very expensive too, with high-end placements running in the high thousands.

Again, we’re all for advertising channels that continually provide a high ROI. Consider this powerful medium for your company and talk with a local vendor about pricing. You may find a great deal and great exposure!

Digital Marketing Promotion

More than many industries, bail companies depend on a steady stream of leads pouring in from digital channels. Digital marketing provides infinite opportunities to share your brand (and services) with the community. It’s not for the faint of heart however, because digital standards continually evolve. If you want to thrive in the online marketplace, you’ll need to keep up to date on search engine optimization and advertising channels.

For those researching how to promote a bail bonds company online, here are some fantastic ways to generate leads for your business.

Local News (Link and Quote)

One of the most important aspects of growing your digital brand is establishing your company as an industry authority. Backlinks, links on other sites directing people to your website, go a long way to do just that. Links from reputable sources, such as news providers, offer the greatest value for your brand because Google sees them as authoritative entities.

Put simply, getting quoted and linked to by an online news brand provides serious digital brand value!

Try finding some local news providers and asking them for opportunities to provide quotes and get linked. You might talk about bail industry reform or the justice system. Even mentions provide some value towards your ongoing website performance, so it’s worth the effort!

Retargeting Ads

While advertising giants like Google Ads and Facebook worked hard to push bail companies out of digital marketing, there are still plenty of options left on the table. In fact, bail companies can easily track and advertise to their target segments with the use of ad retargeting. This process uses digital cookies to identify website visitors and create banner ads for them in other websites. 

The Process of Ad Retargeting

Retargeting Ads Focus on Already Interested Individuals. Image From ReTargeter

Retargeting provides a high conversion rate because it specifically addresses people who have already visited your website or a competitor’s.

While more costly (in the long-term) than SEO for bail, retargeting offers plenty opportunities to increase your brand exposure. The familiarity it creates with potential clients could be a deciding factor in who they call first during a bail emergency.

Local SEO for Bail

Even before Google Ads ditched the bail industry, the vast majority of consumers only relied on organic search results. In fact, research from 2018 showed that up to 80% of search engine users skipped straight to organic results anyway. We’ve certainly grow accustomed to bypassing ads for convenience. While the search giant may not have a vested interest in advertising for the industry, it still has plenty of reason to support search consumers with quality SEO for bail companies.

Your company also has thousands of reasons to pursue a strong performance in local search! With so many leads circulating across the front page of search results, it’s more important than ever before to optimize your website and get ranked. If you’re wondering how to promote a bail bonds company in local search, there are a few key elements to focus on:

  • Your website (obviously)
  • Your Google My Business account
  • Your local listings (BBB, Yelp, etc)
  • Review collection

Web Optimization

Website SEO for Bail

We could spend hours talking about hundreds of itty-bitty optimization details that elevate a bail bonds company above the rest, and we already have. For now, let’s cover the basics again.

A lead-generating website focuses on streamlined navigation, diversified keyword usage, and conversational writing style. Start with a handful of top-level, general category pages. Then create keyword-rich pages for each specific service, and arrange them under the appropriate categories. This strategy allows your bail bonds business to generate more listings in local search, and it creates a healthy boost to your overall Google marketing strategy.

If you’ve been wondering how to promote a bail bonds company on a tighter budget, this is the easiest way to generate cheaper (but still high-quality) leads.


Setting Up Your GMB Account

It’s ironic that one of your most important digital assets should be absolutely free! Google My Business provides free listings for local companies, making it significantly easier to show up in local maps searches. While these listings are free, they do require a small amount of effort to claim and verify. If you haven’t already, sign up for your GMB account and get it verified ASAP!

Optimizing your account is crucial, both for generating leads and increasing conversions.

Make sure you continue to fill out and update your listing information as much as possible. Be sure to sign up for customer direct messaging too. This makes it more convenient for frantic family members and friends of would-be clients to contact your business. Finish off your GMB optimization by uploading pictures of your staff.

Listings & Reviews

Citation Listings & Client Reviews

The most qualified people to promote your bail business are the happy clients of years gone by. That’s why reviews are so essential for growing your online brand. If you’re wondering how to promote a bail bonds company through voices you can’t control, that’s easy. Simply provide outstanding service and provide multiple platforms for your fans to speak from.

Google encourages businesses to draw in feedback from multiple review sources.

For one, this creates multiple links back to your business. Backlinking is a metric used to establish a website’s brand authority and trustworthiness. If you have dozens of reviews pouring in from multiple sites (BBB, Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews, etc.), that’s visible proof of your company’s ongoing activity. The more proof, the more incentive Google has to rank your company over other firms in local search. 

Bringing it All Together

Don’t think of these promotional venues as separate tools. In reality, they all work together to drive potential bail leads to your company. Billboards drive calls to your office, but they also encourage people to Google your business. Sponsorships create new opportunities to help the community, but they also improve people’s perceptions of your brand (online and offline).

No matter what channels you ultimately decide to promote through, make sure your company is ready to receive online leads with a fully optimized website! At Bail Webmasters, we support industry professionals from around the nation. Our custom designed and coded sites produces stronger rankings in local search, and higher-quality leads for businesses just like yours.

If you’d like to learn more about how we produce long-term growth for your business, give us a call at (866) 362-3378.

5 Appealing Bail Bond Websites That Stay Out of Marketing Prison

It’s easy to get bogged down in the process of designing a capable, productive website. For a fast action industry like bail bonding however, there’s even more pressure to capture visitor attention. Navigation, writing style, and even color scheme play a crucial role in how well your target audience will respond when they land on your homepage.

Thankfully, there are plenty of seasoned bail veterans who’ve already nailed website design. Their example serves as inspiration to new and/or struggling companies who’ve yet to master the science. Today, we’ll take a look at five amazing bail bond websites that reveal what it takes to succeed in local search marketing! Along the way, we’ll identify the key elements that make these sites so alluring.

One of Several Clean Bail Bond Websites

This Company’s Marketing Team Kept the Space Above the Fold Relatively Text Free.

#1: Cut Loose Bail Bonds

Simplicity often makes for stronger communication. In the picture above, we can see that Cut Loose Bail Bonds’ marketing company opted for a text-light space above the fold. As a result, visitors quickly identify the company’s service area, phone number, and navigational menu without having to scroll. The downtown image also establishes locality, putting Sacramento natives just a bit more at ease.

Of course, the Cut Loose Bail Bonds website does more than look pretty. It also takes pinpoints the key motivation that drive people to bail services in the first place: getting back to normal life.

A Centralized Call to Action

Cut Loose’s Messaging Forges a Powerful Connection With the Audience Right from the Start.

Many bail agents focus so much on layouts and color scheming, they forget about messaging. It’s clear that Cut Loose’s marketing firm understood the powerful personal connection. They connect with their target market’s desire to preserve their jobs and get home to their families! Of course, they still take the opportunity to present a call to action that’s both convincing and easy-to-see.

The website’s mobile version renders very cleanly, with appropriate text size for reading on smaller devices. We could go into search engine optimization, contact forms, calls to action (CTAs), and other aspects that the team nailed in the design process, but we’ll save those elements for our other entries.

Cut Loose Bail Bonds’ Website Rating

  • Visual Design: 5/5
  • Writing: 4.5/5
  • Navigation: 5/5
  • CTAs & Contact Info: 5/5

Excellent imagery and clean spacing make for a very pleasant visitor experience. We even love the logo, and that’s rare!

Another Imagery Intense Site Design

The Clean Design Allows You to Fully Appreciate the Tension Created By This Vivid Imagery.

#2: You Call Bail Bond Agency

Imagery communicates much faster than words. We are huge fans of text-light designs with powerful image hooks. Upon landing on the You Call Bail Bonds Agency’s homepage, you can immediately feel the tension this picture produces. Visitor attention isn’t challenged by extra text or calls to action either. It’s just the logo, number, dropdown menu button, and a powerful header.

As you look through the rest of the page, the blue/grey/white color scheme remains very consistent.

A Collection of Unique Category Blocks

This Category Blocks Make it Easy to Find Specific Information Quickly.

These clickable blocks fall just below the main header, making for faster navigation. While most companies focus on immediately listing out their service offerings, You Call takes a different approach with their category blocks. They direct visitors to more pertinent resources, such as a guide on the bonding process or a list of frequently asked customer questions.

That’s a smart move. It creates a sense of compassion and customer service that many bail company sites lack.

While the page’s text may seem smaller than usual, it does draw attention back to the key headers. That is a risky move, because it forces people to concentrate more to read (especially on mobile devices). Despite this, the site still looks fantastic!

You Call Bail Bond Agency’s Website Rating

  • Visual Design: 4/5
  • Writing: 4/5
  • Navigation: 5/5
  • CTAs & Contact Info: 4/5

While small text makes the site a little tricky to read at times, it features a very attractive design and a clear focus on customer service in the content.

#3: Ammediate Bail Bonds

Mobile Bail Bond Websites

The Number Sits Visibly in the Center.

A high percentage of bail clients discover their agent through mobile search, making a responsive design essential. Frankly, most websites have already incorporated mobile-friendly design into their website. Any businesses that haven’t are already way behind the curve. We absolutely love the clean design of Ammediate Bail Bonds’ mobile site!

In the picture to the right, notice how the phone number takes center position. This is perfect for individuals who need to locate the number quickly. Instead of having to scroll down and hunt for the number, it’s immediately visible. It’s also hyperlinked, just in case a frantic individual can’t think out the numbers for “BOND”.

Ammediate’s desktop site looks just as attractive. The purple color scheme looks very regal, despite the intense nature of the business. In fact, they even manage to create some strong symbolism. The traditional gavel and handcuffs lie in the background, while a happy family photo takes the main focus in front.

Service Page Optimization

Finally, we take a moment to leave the homepage and spend some time analyzing Ammediate Bail Bonds’ services. An unfortunate number of bail companies put all their design effort into the homepage alone. While it’s the most heavily visited area of the website, the service pages tend to look scant in comparison.

Ammediate spends just enough time sprucing up the service pages to make them presentable, without overdoing things on presentation. Text is spaced neatly, and we can see clear effort towards keyword-optimization. That’s a seriously important factor when it comes to local search marketing!

A Service Page Optimized By Location

Keyword-Rich Service Pages Create More Ways to Generate Traffic.

Ammediate Bail Bonds’ Website Rating

  • Visual Design: 5/5
  • Writing: 5/5
  • Navigation: 5/5
  • CTAs & Contact Info: 4/5

Ammediate’s website depends on clean spacing and easy reading to support potential customers, and it looks fantastic in mobile viewing!

#4: Owens Bonding Co.

Our next entry comes from the Owens Bonding Co., a statewide bail organization in the heart of Kansas. Owens’ website features many of the same amenities we’ve reviewed in our other entries, but it’s also incorporated some tools that are worth digging into. Overall, it’s an extremely balanced combination of aesthetics and practicality. 

More Space Consuming Bail Bond Website Design

Owens Bonding Co. Consumes More Space Above the Fold, But Doesn’t Overwhelm the Viewer.

You can tell from the get-go that this particular site was designed for functionality. Navigation, contact forms, and a hyperlinked number are all available above the fold. As we scroll down, category blocks appear for each of the major service branches: misdemeanor bail, felony bail, drug charges, and DUI bail. Whether a visitor needs quick access to the business or additional time to research, all the tools are laid out clearly for them. 

One layout element that we absolutely love is the collection of tabbies. Tabbies create multiple, short windows of text in an overlapping space. When you click on a tab at the top, it reveals the corresponding information. In the picture below, Owens Bonding Co. (or their marketing company) uses tabbies to share more detailed info regarding the company’s services, plus frequently asked questions.

Bail Bond Websites Use Tabbies

Tabbies Allow Bail Bond Websites to Conserve a Lot of Space When Presenting More Detailed Information.

These practical design tools save so much space, keeping Owen’s website concise but equally informative. They also translate well in mobile viewing, acting as dropdown boxes that open and collapse as needed. It makes for very convenient reading!

Owens Bonding Co. Website Rating

  • Visual Design: 5/5
  • Writing: 5/5
  • Navigation: 5/5
  • CTAs & Contact Info: 5/5

While the site may not be particularly “fancy”, Owens Bonding Co. presents an extremely practical and informative website the ticks off all the boxes we’re looking for. It’s clean, it looks great on mobile, and the pages have been optimized for local search. Full marks!

A Simple, Highly Functional Bail Bonds Website

The ATX Bail Bonds Offers More Tools to Support Potential Clients Than Most Agencies.

#5: ATX Bail Bonds

This last entry may be a bit of a surprise for some. Many companies only see flashy graphic design as the key metric for website success, but that’s rarely the case. Sometimes the simplest designs have the greatest impact, as is the case with ATX Bail Bonds.

Again, we’ve picked a site that relies on open spacing, rather than stuffing in as much information as possible. This makes it easy to locate desired services and contact information quickly. It also allows the site to render well on mobile devices. However, it’s not the visual design that draws us to ATX’s website; it’s the visitor tools. 

Service Tool Buttons

ATX Offers Some Extremely Helpful Tools for Bail Clients.

The website includes tools to help people search for jailed loved ones, investigate potential warrants, and even check upcoming court dates. ATX goes out of its way to help current and prospective clients alike, creating a higher standard for customer service-centered web design. Some bail bond websites incorporate similar tools, but it’s still rare to see!

ATX Bail Bonds Website Rating

  • Visual Design: 3.5/5
  • Writing: 3.5/5
  • Navigation: 5/5
  • CTAs & Contact Info: 5/5

It’s not as flashy as other bail bond websites, but this company shows more customer-focused effort than most. That impresses us enough to make this list.

Final Thoughts

Thousands of bail bond websites cover the web, but few portray the capable design, writing, and functionality necessary to win success in local search. If your bail company has struggled to assemble a dynamic website like the ones we’ve discussed, let them serve as guiding examples! In the meantime, our team at Bail Webmasters is happy to support your business with custom web design, SEO, and reputation management services.

To learn more about our solutions for bail bond websites, contact us at (866) 362-3378.

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How Bail Reform Impacts Marketing for Bail Bonds

As bail reform rises on the tide of media articles and legislative movement, it’s clear that big industry changes are just over the horizon. States like California and New York play huge roles in the legislative shifts, though it’s too early to tell what effect their movements will have on the rest of the country. While we may only feel a light change in the wind now, the entire country may experience a serious industry storm in the near future!

Today, we’ll take a deeper look at three focal points of these reforms. These include:

  • The heavy push to eliminate cash bail through legislation.
  • The rise of bail alternative programs.
  • The non-legislative bail culture shift among judges and prosecutors.

We’ll also outline some bail reform marketing strategies for keeping your business ahead of the industry changes, such as shifting towards felony crime bonding. Be sure to pay close attention to the research data as we progress! Let’s get started.

Symbolism for Bail Reform Marketing

Cash Bail Could Be on it’s Way Out the Door for Many States. It’s Time to Plan Ahead With Bail Reform Marketing.

Industry Trend #1: The No Bail Shift

Last year, California lawmakers signed a bill that made the state the very first to eliminate cash bail. The legislation removed the process of bail setting, instead placing a jail-or-no-jail decision squarely within the hands of local judges. While some state natives hailed the bill as a symbol of much-needed bail reform, detractors quickly rose up in both civil liberty and bail advocates. The ACLU claimed that last-minute adjustments to the bill actually made it more likely that judges would simply hold defendants without bail.

On the other side of the issue, bail advocates argued that the measures risk increasing crime rates of suspects with solid arrest histories who are released awaiting trial.

While the bill was set to activate this month, a widespread petition among bail industry professionals and supporters called for a referendum on the legislation. The bill’s fate is now set to be decided in the coming 2020. Regardless of whether the bill survives or crumbles under referendum, it still represents a significant shift pretrial release without bail, particularly in liberal states.

Judge Examining PSA Findings

PSA Scores Now Heavily Influence Judicial Decisions to Jail or Release Suspects on Recognizance.

Pretrial Public Safety Assessment

One of the most peculiar, yet powerful forces behind the no-bail shift are the algorithm assessment programs. Many California cities and counties, such as San Francisco, have adopted these risk assessment tools as a way to prevent gender and racial bias from seeping into pretrial determinations. It’s no mystery that minority groups, especially those in poverty, have long experienced higher rates in pretrial incarceration. Since these groups are least likely to afford bail, they have experienced significant incarceration times prior to their actual hearings.

Judges through California now use algorithmically-generated public safety assessment scores to determine a suspect’s risk to the public and their likelihood of returning for trial. This analytical method, made famous by Texas company Arnold Ventures, assesses criminal history and other key factors with the goal of eliminating gender and racial biases. 

Unfortunately, these streamlined tools aren’t foolproof, as they still heavily depend on accurate data-entry and wise interpretation by the judges. This painful truth came into focus in 2017, when a San Francisco native was murdered by a former convict who was mistakenly released on pretrial assertive case management, despite having multiple parole violations and a weapons charge days before the attack. The event was made possible by a faulty PSA store, generated by human error when the suspect’s criminal and incarceration history were improperly entered into the system.

As these PSA programs grow increasingly influential in large metropolitan communities like Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix, and even Houston, there’s growing concern among bail industry professionals. These systems seem to progress the movement of no-bail pretrial releases, which in turn increase the number of felony suspects back on the streets.

Pew Research Showing Crime Trends

According to Pew Research, Public Perception Conflicts With Downward Crime Trends.

Industry Trend #2: Bail Alternative Programs

Despite having one of the highest population densities in the country, New York City has seen a massive decrease in the number of incarcerated pretrial suspects. In fact, the “City that Never Sleeps” has now earned a new reputation as “the least incarcerated major city in the United States” (The Marshall Project), with a mere 7,800 people reported in jail this year. Part of the city’s shift away from bail has been stimulated by the rising tide of alternative solutions. 

One of the most prominent programs comes directly from the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice. In a quest to reduce the number of individuals held in jail due to inability to pay bail, the 2016 Supervised Release program utilizes a pretrial risk assessment tool to analyze each suspect’s potential threat to the community. Low-risk offenders (especially those who couldn’t afford bail) are often provided the option of release under supervision of a case worker. Enrollee court appearances are carefully managed by their case worker, who often connects the suspect with voluntary counseling, career training, and similar social services.

A Woman Receives Counseling Thanks to Bail Reform

Individuals Released on Pretrial Supervised Release May Opt to Receive Counseling.

Higher-risk felony suspects are often denied release and held in jail. According to the Marshall Project, a news organization dedicated to criminal justice reform, the violent felony charges have actually increased partly as a result of the rise in pretrial release.

“The rate at which defendants are charged bail for violent felonies, as opposed to lower-level crimes, has actually increased from 53 percent to 62 percent in recent decades.”

While it’s unclear exactly how successful this program has been in affecting return for trial rates, the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice claimed that Supervised Release had a success rate similar to people released on their own recognizance. The program has already hit a landmark number of 10,000 enrollees, showing just how enthusiastic judges have been to utilize the program. With the popularity of Supervised Release climbing, the Mayor’s Office launched a youth-track in October last year. In the meantime however, there are a growing number of justice system professionals who aren’t happy with the way New York bail policies have shifted.

Prosecutors Bypassing No-Bail Legislation

While many professionals in the criminal justice industry support the Supervised Release program (and the related campaign to retire the Rikers Island prison), detractors have risen in protest of recent bail reform legislation. Tagged onto the 2019 State Budget, these criminal justice changes eliminate bail for the majority of misdemeanor and non-violent felony charges. They also reduce the pretrial waiting period for suspects (three months for misdemeanors, and six months for felony charges).

The reforms were designed to limit the population of incarcerated individuals awaiting trial, and prevent criminal tendencies created by disruptions to livelihood.

Prison Security Around a Fence

Pretrial Detention Causes Many to Lose Their Jobs, Perpetuating the Crime Cycle.

Law enforcement and criminal justice professionals like Jed Painter however, think the reforms could encourage people to skip trial and commit additional crimes. That’s why he’s giving pointers to legal experts on how to target problematic, pretrial-released individuals with more bail worthy offenses. These offenses could include bail jumping and willfully missing mandated check-ins.

While the bail industry’s influence certainly seems to be shrinking in New York, it’s clear there’s still room for servicing more serious felony charges. We’ll discuss this more in our bail reform marketing strategies.

Industry Trend #3: Non-Legislative Movements

Perhaps more interesting (or alarming for some) is the non-legislative shift away from demanding bail. We’ve already mentioned bail alternative programs like Supervised Release that have seen so many release on recognizance. However, it seems that the general ideals of judges and prosecutors alike has shifted away from bail.

In NYC, the return-to-court rate has actually soared despite fewer bail-based releases.

While the national court return rate rests at the 75th percentile, New York City’s rate has claimed to 86 percent. Even in cases involving bail release, prosecutors now seem to be pricing their bail requests lower. It’s possible that the entire state’s cash bail could disappear altogether by 2020.

A Man Entering County Lockup

The Effectiveness of NY Legislation May Determine Industry Reform in Other States.

Stability of Bail Legislation

Even before legislation eliminated many bail services earlier this year, there was already a clear shift away from pretrial lockup. New York City enjoys a remarkably low-crime rate (28% lower than the national average, and falling). Considering the metropolitan area’s dense population, it serves as a poignant example for other large cities in the nation.

In other words, if NYC’s current trend of lower crime and higher pretrial releases continues, it’s very likely that others will try to follow the city’s lead.

All eyes will be on the state as it moves further and further towards casting aside bail setting altogether. Depending on the state’s success, we might start seeing those grassroot movements escalate into law in other states across the country, even traditionally bail-friendly ones (such as Texas). It’s very likely that this gradual adoption of bail reforms could see more sustainable results, compared to those in California generated by more aggressive legislation.

Bail Reform Marketing Ramifications

While these cultural changes may seemingly spell doom and gloom for bail professionals, there’s still a little time to modify your business structure ahead of the coming shifts. With careful planning and shrewd bail reform marketing strategy, your company can continue to faithfully serve your community and grow! Here are some recommended tactics for protecting your business.

Location Choice

#1: Carefully Plan Your Expansion

When it comes to adopting new legislation, liberal states seem to be the ones most aggressively pursuing legislation to drop bail. With that being said, your laws may still very city by city in your state. If lawmakers in your service area push a new bill, you may have to rely on nearby areas for more of your business.

While growing your business has rarely been about hedging your bets, entering new cities could be a great move for your bail company. As you look to optimize your website and other bail reform marketing assets, make sure that the cities you’re investigating have amenable laws. The same goes for your online advertising tools. If other digital tech companies follow the example of Facebook and Google, you could be left with fewer advertising tools. So try experimenting with other platforms, just in case!


#2: Shift Towards Felony Bail Market

While some stats look to eliminate bail altogether, others simply want to limit instances of long-term incarceration for misdemeanor offenses. That means fewer bail clients in the lesser offense categories, and much stronger emphasis on felony crimes. It might be time to push stronger advertising for these categories.

If you want to rank for felony bail keywords online, make sure your business has the appropriate service pages in place. In your bail reform marketing strategy, you may also want to incorporate more content on both state and federal felonies. By starting now, you can ensure that your company has stronger keyword rankings when the misdemeanors finally drop off the service menu. 


#3: Prepare for a Shrinking Market

While public perception may suggest otherwise, the FBI and Bureau of Justice Statistics (BUS) continue to show downward trends for crime across the country. Last year, violent crimes averaged a mere 23 incidents per 1,000 people aged 12 and up. Property crimes dropped down to 108 incidents per 1,000 people (Pew Research).

Combine fewer clients with anti-bail legislation, and it paints a picture of a shrinking market. 

Even if you’re currently content with your lead volume, it’s more important than ever to pursue better traffic for your company website. If you haven’t taken the time to optimize your site for local search, now is the time! Here are a few pointers for getting started on your bail reform marketing…

  • Diversify your keyword strategy with more secondary (mid-to-low volume) phrases.
  • Create pages for each of your major services, not just the categories.
  • Make sure your images are optimized too, including alt text and captions.
  • Try incorporating reviews into your site. Collect them from a variety of sources.
  • If you can, try infusing your pages with applicable schema code.

Bail Reform Marketing: Final Thoughts

Since bail reform laws and trends will vary state to state (even city to city), make sure to consult your local representatives on what the future holds. With the industry continually changing, research and preparation can make all the difference for your business. We hope your team continues to grow!

In the meantime, our crew at Bail Webmasters is here to help you with all your online marketing needs! Our custom web design and SEO services have enabled countless professionals to grow their businesses when other companies were still struggling with the loss of Google Ads and Facebook Advertising. We’d love to partner with your business too!

Call anytime for a free consultation on bail reform marketing at (866) 362-3378!

Homepage Transformation: Stronger Web Design for More Calls

Considering how hard your team works to serve your clients, wouldn’t it be nice if your website worked just as hard to bring them in? Our crew at Bail Webmasters has compiled a shortlist of helpful web design tips that will help your business rank up in local search and earn more calls in the process. If your team has struggled with the occasional low conversion rate, be sure to read along!

Design Tip #1: Make Everything Responsive

Web Design Suited for Mobile Devices

A Great Example of Fully Responsive Web Design. Notice the Call to Action.

You probably already know that websites should be mobile friendly. But how responsive is your website, really? While practically most web design templates can conform to pocket-size dimensions, it doesn’t always come out so nice! It takes very intentional work to make sure all of your homepage elements come out in a legible and tasteful style.

Ample Menu Space

Perhaps the most essential element of your homepage is your navigational menu. We’ll talk more about menu design later, but many businesses negatively impact their call conversions by forgetting their dropdown menu. Make sure that your menu not only conforms to the proper dimensions but that it’s easy to read and scroll through. If you’ve ever struggled to view a service menu on your phone, you’ll understand just how crucial complete responsiveness is to the user experience.

Clear Calls to Action

When dealing with smaller dimensions, some parts of your homepage inevitably get shoved further down. This can be a serious problem if your call to action gets pushed to far, extending the time it takes for a potential client to call your phone number. While a patient consumer may take their time to carefully scroll down, a frantic individual might quit too soon. In the example to the right, note how the mobile version actually emphasizes the phone number and direction to call.

Mobile web design actually produces many opportunities to streamline the search process for consumers in need of bail. A seasoned bail SEO company should produce mobile designs just as productive (or more so) than their associated desktop versions. Since the concept has been around for years now, there’s simply no excuse not to offer responsive design!

Category Block Web Design Feature

Category Blocks Make it a Little Easier for Clients to Find Their Desired Services.

Design Tip #2: Streamline Navigation

In a frantic situation involving a jailed child, how long do you think Mom is willing to wait before giving up and trying another website? Instead of throwing up roadblocks between her and immediate relief, make it as easy as possible for a potential client to find their services and contact your business. Thankfully, there are many different tools bail companies can use to streamline their web design and ease the user experience.

Popular Streamlining Techniques

  • Dropdown menus
  • Service category blocks
  • Schema lists
  • Instant messaging
  • Search bars
  • Floating menus and forms
  • Bulleted link lists

Again, the menu is probably the most important tool in your arsenal for connecting clients with their desired service. For the best search experience, be sure to limit the number of categories included in the dropdown area. Businesses mistakenly believe that cramming every potential solution into their menu helps, when the opposite is true! Limit your menu to a handful of top level categories and child service pages. 

Other Helpful Navigational Tools

Cat Blocks

Service Category Blocks

Notice how many bail bond companies place three or four category blocks near the top of their pages? You can see in the picture above just how convenient these blocks are for kicking off the search process. Most bail SEO specialists know that a handful of crimes make up the vast majority of calls for their clients. Those categories may vary by city and state, but you get the idea.

Schema Lists

Schema Lists

Similar to category blocks, schema lists are useful for creating a longer list of services in the middle of a text block. Each item in the list features a hyperlinked service title above a description and/or call to action. While schema lists are a popular staple of more advanced homepage web design, they also work well in top level category pages (such as “Felony Bail Services”) for linking to related pages.

Be sure to try out these amazing tools if your business utilizes multiple levels of service pages!

Contact Forms

Direct Contact Forms & Messaging

Sometimes, the easiest way to help a potential client find what they need is to interact with them directly. Direct contact forms make it easy for a worried parent, relative, or partner to describe their situation and find relief faster. Not only does this make an agent’s job considerably simpler, it also builds investment with the potential client.

A lot of businesses place their forms at the very bottom of their homepage, but a page top form can be even more effective. Try it out!

One of the great parts of web design is experimentation. While these tools we’ve mentioned offer tremendous utility and lead generating capabilities, they’re not for everyone. Figure out what works for your business, and continue your path of SEO for bail!

A Clever Web Design Addition With a Step By Step Guide

A Step By Step Guide Helps Create Expectations and Sooth Worried Clients.

Design Tip #3: Earn More Trust

If a potential client lands on your site, they’ve already deemed you trustworthy enough to click. Why stop there? There’s so much you can do to continue developing that pre-call confidence! Earning your site visitors’ trust goes a long way toward that first phone call.

There are a few basic principles that clever web developers use to develop trust:

  • A. Set expectations
  • B. Prove expertise
  • C. Show accountability

Anyone can claim to offer bail bond services, but only a dedicated few go through the trouble of explaining their process step by step (as seen in the example above). Not only does this put readers in the right mindset to make the call, it helps them prepare for the next steps. In general, bail bond companies who work hard to set expectations reap earn stronger customer satisfaction.

Proving your expertise is easier said than done, unless you’ve already taken the time to develop relationships with your local citation companies. Considering the stain that skeezy bail agents have put on the industry, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau or a similar listing directory can go a long way towards putting people at ease. Let people know just how awesome your team is!

Integrating Reviews into a Website Design

Review Integration into Your Website Helps Build Trust by Showing Accountability.

One great way to show off your premium customer service and show accountability at the same time is by integrating your reviews into your homepage. Nothing speaks louder than the voice of a very happy customer, especially when a loved one’s involved. If your company averages between four and five stars, this web design decision is practically a no-brainer.

Don’t worry if the occasional negative review gets mixed in with the rest. If your company continues to offer good service, the odd complaint only makes your reviews feel more real!

Team Up With Bail Webmasters

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Is Content Marketing Worth It?

With online marketing, bail companies need address two key players: Google and consumers. Google’s search engine determines who sees a given website, and consumers determine if that website’s services is worth further investigation. To grow a successful bail bonds brand online, you’ll need to develop material that caters to both. That’s where content marketing comes into play!

Content Marketing in a Blog

Answering Popular Consumer Questions Encourages Google to Rank Your Content Higher.

Not only does content marketing create stronger ties with your community, it also creates new reasons for Google to list your bail company in higher ranks. Since Google Ads and Facebook PPC campaigns are no longer options, every bit of organic SEO for bail helps push your company to the top! If you’ve struggled to make headway in your local search results, be sure to pay close attention.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation, distribution, and management of content designed to engage customers with your brand without overtly selling them. In other words, it’s the process of connecting with your target market by providing them with valuable information. Now content marketing made it’s big debut around 5 years ago, and thousands of companies benefit from it. Nevertheless, countless businesses still struggle to understand why they should invest the time and money necessary to produce engaging content.

After all, this category of content isn’t designed to sell. That’s a hard pill for many to swallow. Before we can talk about how to create a client-drawing content marketing campaign, we have to understand the benefits of the activity.

How Can Content Marketing Help?

  • Through informative content, bail companies draw interested people to their website (and social).
  • More content means more keywords, creating additional phrases to rank for.
  • Well-crafted material increases your brand’s authority (see E-A-T), encouraging higher ranks.
  • By answering questions well enough, bail experts can earn featured listings in SERPs.
  • Bail topics can naturally lead into applicable services, creating more phone calls.
Content Marketing Through an Informative Blog

Formatting Makes All the Difference in a Reader’s Ability to Digest Your Information.

It’s a Big, Big Content Marketing World

if you’re wanting to see real world applications of how content marketing helps business, just examine the countless industry leaders who continue to produce informative blogs, videos, case studies, and consumer how-to guides. It’s a big, big content marketing world, and there’s so much opportunity to gain exposure for your bail company brand.

The key is understanding the sort of information matters most to your given target market, then delivering that content in a format they can easily absorb.

Now, there are a lot of bail bonds agents out there in the United States. If you operate in a major city or metropolitan area, odds are you’re already competing with a handful. There’s great news, however! You don’t have to have a perfect (or even an elaborate) marketing strategy. It simply needs to be better than your competition. See what sort of bar your rivals have set, then exceed it!

Content Marketing Strategy

Now that we have our purpose and general methodology in mind, we can move forward with developing a tailored content marketing strategy. Your tactics must be specifically aligned with your average client profile and/or other consumer segments. If you deal with a lot of petty theft cases involving teens, it makes sense to produce content specifically targeted towards that age range (or their parents).

Next, you’ll need to understand what media channels your target consumer regularly enjoys. This could take a little digging! In general, visual media channels like Instagram and YouTube appeal to younger audiences, while Facebook and Twitter cater to slightly older audiences.

A Content Marketing Research Tool

The People Also Ask Feature Offers a Great Starting Place for Your Keyword Research.

Once you find out where your future clients spend the most time, try reading some of the most commonly asked questions they have. One great way to research these questions is Google’s “People also ask” feature in search engine results pages. Simply type in a question that you’ve heard clients ask on a regular basis, and see if consumers are asking related questions in organic search. You can also find help keyword-related phrases from Answer the Public, a wonderful research tool for content marketing.

Content Marketing: Where to Start

  • Analyze your average client profile, including their media consumption.
  • Begin with formats that you’re comfortable with, then gradually expand.
  • Find the hot topics and questions people are talking about.
  • Develop content specifically designed to address these questions and concerns.
  • Leverage your industry experience, but don’t pitch your services until the very end.
  • Find out where you can share the content for added impact.
  • Pick your most popular content and try updating it each year.

Content Creation

Blogging is by far the easiest content marketing medium to start with. You don’t need an advanced degree in journalism or English to produce an 800 word post on bailing out of a misdemeanor drug possession. In fact, most marketing experts recommend writing your content at a 9th grade reading level! 

Remember, you’re catering to both Google and your target audience.

Keyword Research for Content Marketing

Find Your Winning Keywords and Phrases. (Snapshot Taken in SEMrush.)

The easiest way to please both camps is to do your keyword research. Take your popular topic, find a mid-to-high volume keyword, then collect a handful of supporting keywords and phrases! When you incorporate these words naturally into your conversation, it provides direction for your readers and Google alike. That’s a winning combination for your bail bonds SEO!

When you’ve gotten some content marketing experience under your belt, try your hand at crafting some basic YouTube videos. The goal is still the same, to provide informative content for your target market. However, video provides valuable opportunities to subtly introduce team members and aspects of your business. How-to guides are a very hot commodity in YouTube, and you can easily share this material on your company website, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter profiles. Sharing content is an important part of getting the most bang for your marketing buck, so be sure to share consistently!

Finding Your Online Success

So is content marketing worth it? Absolutely! The added exposure for brands, plus the boosted SEO for bail company websites makes it the perfect low-cost way to grow your business. With that being said, we know that bail agents are busy people.

That’s why our team at Bail Webmasters is here to help. For everything from optimized website design to traffic-building content marketing, our team provides outstanding results to bail companies all over the US! More traffic, better leads. What’s not to love?

Learn more about our services by calling us at (866) 362-3378!