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Homepage Transformation: Stronger Web Design for More Calls

Considering how hard your team works to serve your clients, wouldn’t it be nice if your website worked just as hard to bring them in? Our crew at Bail Webmasters has compiled a shortlist of helpful web design tips that will help your business rank up in local search and earn more calls in the process. If your team has struggled with the occasional low conversion rate, be sure to read along!

Design Tip #1: Make Everything Responsive

Web Design Suited for Mobile Devices

A Great Example of Fully Responsive Web Design. Notice the Call to Action.

You probably already know that websites should be mobile friendly. But how responsive is your website, really? While practically most web design templates can conform to pocket-size dimensions, it doesn’t always come out so nice! It takes very intentional work to make sure all of your homepage elements come out in a legible and tasteful style.

Ample Menu Space

Perhaps the most essential element of your homepage is your navigational menu. We’ll talk more about menu design later, but many businesses negatively impact their call conversions by forgetting their dropdown menu. Make sure that your menu not only conforms to the proper dimensions but that it’s easy to read and scroll through. If you’ve ever struggled to view a service menu on your phone, you’ll understand just how crucial complete responsiveness is to the user experience.

Clear Calls to Action

When dealing with smaller dimensions, some parts of your homepage inevitably get shoved further down. This can be a serious problem if your call to action gets pushed to far, extending the time it takes for a potential client to call your phone number. While a patient consumer may take their time to carefully scroll down, a frantic individual might quit too soon. In the example to the right, note how the mobile version actually emphasizes the phone number and direction to call.

Mobile web design actually produces many opportunities to streamline the search process for consumers in need of bail. A seasoned bail SEO company should produce mobile designs just as productive (or more so) than their associated desktop versions. Since the concept has been around for years now, there’s simply no excuse not to offer responsive design!

Category Block Web Design Feature

Category Blocks Make it a Little Easier for Clients to Find Their Desired Services.

Design Tip #2: Streamline Navigation

In a frantic situation involving a jailed child, how long do you think Mom is willing to wait before giving up and trying another website? Instead of throwing up roadblocks between her and immediate relief, make it as easy as possible for a potential client to find their services and contact your business. Thankfully, there are many different tools bail companies can use to streamline their web design and ease the user experience.

Popular Streamlining Techniques

  • Dropdown menus
  • Service category blocks
  • Schema lists
  • Instant messaging
  • Search bars
  • Floating menus and forms
  • Bulleted link lists

Again, the menu is probably the most important tool in your arsenal for connecting clients with their desired service. For the best search experience, be sure to limit the number of categories included in the dropdown area. Businesses mistakenly believe that cramming every potential solution into their menu helps, when the opposite is true! Limit your menu to a handful of top level categories and child service pages. 

Other Helpful Navigational Tools

Cat Blocks

Service Category Blocks

Notice how many bail bond companies place three or four category blocks near the top of their pages? You can see in the picture above just how convenient these blocks are for kicking off the search process. Most bail SEO specialists know that a handful of crimes make up the vast majority of calls for their clients. Those categories may vary by city and state, but you get the idea.

Schema Lists

Schema Lists

Similar to category blocks, schema lists are useful for creating a longer list of services in the middle of a text block. Each item in the list features a hyperlinked service title above a description and/or call to action. While schema lists are a popular staple of more advanced homepage web design, they also work well in top level category pages (such as “Felony Bail Services”) for linking to related pages.

Be sure to try out these amazing tools if your business utilizes multiple levels of service pages!

Contact Forms

Direct Contact Forms & Messaging

Sometimes, the easiest way to help a potential client find what they need is to interact with them directly. Direct contact forms make it easy for a worried parent, relative, or partner to describe their situation and find relief faster. Not only does this make an agent’s job considerably simpler, it also builds investment with the potential client.

A lot of businesses place their forms at the very bottom of their homepage, but a page top form can be even more effective. Try it out!

One of the great parts of web design is experimentation. While these tools we’ve mentioned offer tremendous utility and lead generating capabilities, they’re not for everyone. Figure out what works for your business, and continue your path of SEO for bail!

A Clever Web Design Addition With a Step By Step Guide

A Step By Step Guide Helps Create Expectations and Sooth Worried Clients.

Design Tip #3: Earn More Trust

If a potential client lands on your site, they’ve already deemed you trustworthy enough to click. Why stop there? There’s so much you can do to continue developing that pre-call confidence! Earning your site visitors’ trust goes a long way toward that first phone call.

There are a few basic principles that clever web developers use to develop trust:

  • A. Set expectations
  • B. Prove expertise
  • C. Show accountability

Anyone can claim to offer bail bond services, but only a dedicated few go through the trouble of explaining their process step by step (as seen in the example above). Not only does this put readers in the right mindset to make the call, it helps them prepare for the next steps. In general, bail bond companies who work hard to set expectations reap earn stronger customer satisfaction.

Proving your expertise is easier said than done, unless you’ve already taken the time to develop relationships with your local citation companies. Considering the stain that skeezy bail agents have put on the industry, an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau or a similar listing directory can go a long way towards putting people at ease. Let people know just how awesome your team is!

Integrating Reviews into a Website Design

Review Integration into Your Website Helps Build Trust by Showing Accountability.

One great way to show off your premium customer service and show accountability at the same time is by integrating your reviews into your homepage. Nothing speaks louder than the voice of a very happy customer, especially when a loved one’s involved. If your company averages between four and five stars, this web design decision is practically a no-brainer.

Don’t worry if the occasional negative review gets mixed in with the rest. If your company continues to offer good service, the odd complaint only makes your reviews feel more real!

Team Up With Bail Webmasters

Want to make your web design process even easier? Team up with the seasoned designers, writers, and SEO pros at Bail Webmasters. We’ve worked with companies all over the US, delivering better search rankings, higher traffic, and stronger conversion rates. Our experts start by identifying your needs, then crafting a custom website for your hardworking company.

It all starts with a free consultation at (866) 362-3378. Give us a call today!

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Finding Your Winning Bail Bonds Keyword Strategy

Until recently, it used to be that bail bondsmen rarely needed a sophisticated keyword strategy for Google SEO. With the death of bail PPC however, there’s no paying around the competition. Countless bail bond agents now have to compete solely on the field of organic search results.

It’s time to do the research. It’s time to create a working keyword strategy.

Today, we’ll dig into how SEO for bail bondsmen and how to develop a working collection of keywords. It’s up to you (or your digital marketing team) to do the research, but this guide should make it that process much simpler! Let’s get to work.

Step #1: Research Your Primary Bail Keywords

Bail Bonds Keyword List From SEMrush

Primary Keywords Often Come With Strong Competition.

Of course, the first step to creating a working keyword strategy is developing a short roster of primary keywords. Think of these as the words and phrases you ultimately want to rank for. Keep in mind, these are usually the most highly contested words in the industry. Again, there’s no more pay-to-win strategy with Facebook Ads and Google Ads out of the picture. These keywords will take time and a lot of effort to rank for (at least on the front page). 

Keep in mind, there are ways of bypassing much of the competition for these keywords. We’ll talk about that later. You probably already know many of these words by heart!

  • Bail bondsman
  • Bail bonds 
  • Misdemeanor bail
  • Felony bail
  • Bail services

Where to Find Primary Bail Bonds Keywords

So how can a bail bond agent go about collecting all these hot phrases for their keyword strategy? Perhaps the easiest way is to peruse front-page ranking companies and sift through their pages. Not only do successful companies know which keywords offer the best results, they also know how to use them. After all, keyword optimization is a crucial part of SEO for bail.

Another simple way to harvest your keyword list is to use research tools like SEMrush. The tool reports search volume for whatever words you to check, plus related terms. You can even test results for nearby major cities, if there’s enough volume.

The SEMrush Search Bar for Keyword Research

SEMrush Offers Very Convenient Search and Keyword Performance Tools. Source: SEMrush

While you should certainly target high volume keywords, try to find phrases that not every bail bondsman would aim for. While you may not immediately earn front page rank for primary keywords, that doesn’t mean you can’t create substantial business from your keyword list. However, you’ll need a foundation to build off of in the meantime. Which leads us to step #2…

Step #2: Collect Your Secondary Bail Keywords

What on earth are secondary keywords? Think of these phrases as the second stringers that didn’t quite get the amount of traffic you wanted for your primaries. Secondary keywords offer middle to low volumes, but with little to no competition. At Bail Webmasters, we prize secondaries because of how easy they are to rank well for. With these phrases, you can quickly build traffic for your bail company website

That’s good news for freshly-minted bondsmen, who can’t get fast results from primary keywords.

While secondaries lack in high traffic volume, they make up for in variety. It’s possible to earn front page ranks for hundreds of these keywords. Even if a secondary keyword produces one lead a month, combining hundreds of these keywords could result in substantial new growth for your bail SEO and lead development!

Examples of Secondary Bail Keywords

  • Misdemeanor bail bondsmen
  • Bail bonds for drug charges
  • DUI bail bond service
  • Domestic violence bail bonds

Where to Find Secondary Bail Bond Keywords

Two fantastic tools spring to mind when it comes to secondary keywords: SEMrush and Ubersuggest. The first tool, like we’ve already mentioned, offers helpful traffic volume and alternative keyword suggestions. Our second tool, Ubersuggest, analyses your choice of website and sees what keywords that site ranks for. Put in a prolific competitor’s website, and see what sort of keywords they’re ranking for. For seasoned bail bondsmen: check the health of your own website by putting in your URL.

Using Ubersuggest to Help With Keyword Strategy

Notice How This Bail Bondsman Earns Traffic From Location Based Keywords. Source: Ubersuggest

Make sure your keyword strategy relies on these lucrative secondary terms, not just primaries. You’ll notice much quicker development as your business takes off. Relying solely on primary keywords however, is a good recipe for disaster.

Thankfully, there is one helpful way to get around some of the competition for these highly-contested phrases. That’s where we come to step #3…

Step #3: Optimize Bail Keywords by Location

In our image from Ubersuggest (above), you’ll notice some high performing keywords augmented with locations. These are a form of “long-tail” keyword. While location-based phrases may not garner as much traffic as a national-level term, they also cut out the vast majority competing websites. After all, why should you try to compete with seasoned bail companies out in another state?

National-Level Keyword Strategy in Ubersuggest

High Volumes and Lack of PPC Drives Up the SEO Difficulty. Source: Ubersuggest

This keyword enjoys a pretty high search volume. Naturally, many bail bonds companies want to rank high for this keyword, making it harder to earn front page listings. Now, look what happens when we add a location “tail” to the phrase.

Localized Keyword Strategy Shown in Ubersuggest

Traffic Volume Naturally Falls, But So Does Competition. Source: Ubersuggest

Now, some companies might take the principle of localized keyword strategy and create scores of city pages. While this might be a great idea for your local bail SEO, most companies flub on the execution. They create a thin block of content, then duplicate it for all of their pages. This is bad SEO for bail, or any other industry for that matter. To harness the power of localized keyword strategy in city pages, try to restrict yourself to a dozen cities with well-written, custom content for each page. Better yet, focus all your efforts into a handful of super-optimized county pages!

Make sure to sprinkle these long-tail, localized keywords throughout each of your service pages, plus your homepage.

Bonus Step: Target Hot Consumer Questions

Google respects businesses that take the time to answer popular consumer concerns. In the sort of stressful legal situations that involve bail bond services, you can bet potential clients have crucial questions about the process. That’s why Google awards featured snippet results for businesses that take the time to carefully answer these important consumer concerns.

Keyword Strategy Through Q&A's

Out of 21.7 Million Results, This Featured Snippet Ranked 1st.

Your business can target these popular questions as a regular part of your keyword strategy. Whether you address them in your service pages, a dedicated Q&A, or even blog posts, it’s worth the effort for your bail bonds SEO. Featured snippets often receive a hefty volume of traffic, drawing more attention to your brand and elevating your other pages in local search results.

How to Research Consumer Questions

Use your customer’s common questions as a guide for your search. If you want, simply start by Googling “How do bail bonds work?” and consulting the People also ask section. This search engine page results (SERP) feature generates some of the hottest questions related to your original. See below for an example. Taking time to answer consumer questions is a naturally part of content marketing too.

Consulting People Also Ask for Keyword Strategy

Notice How the High Ranking Website Address the Question in Their Content.

Consult Bail Webmasters for Keyword Strategy!

Has your bail bonds company struggled to grow business online? Our seasoned team at Bail Webmasters would love to help! We support bondsmen all over the country, providing custom-website development, optimized keyword strategy, and engaging content marketing. Our bail clients enjoy premium local rankings, higher traffic flow, and fantastic lead generation. Why don’t you call us today at (866) 362-3378 and get a free consultation with one of our bail SEO specialists? We can’t wait to serve you!

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Creating The Best Bail Bond Logos

Branding is an integral part of any business, and it is particularly true for bail bonds companies. The most significant indicator of a bail company is its logo. Agents should attempt to create a logo that inspires trust, familiarity, and simplicity. But creating a logo is not as easy it seems. Securing the rights to the design can also be a complicated matter. For the best results, bail agents should invest in a graphic designer to create their logo or enhance their current one. When an appealing logo represents companies, they can exponentially increase consumer trust and brand recall. So let’s take a look at some of the qualities of great logos:


An effective logo is memorable, but for the right reasons. Shock value is one way to make a logo memorable, but it will severely hinder some of the other great logos qualities that will be listed later on. So with that in mind, you want a logo that is memorable in the right way. Memorability can include choosing the right color scheme, the correct text font, and the right dimensions. Only a professional graphic designer can master each of these components and produce something that consumers will recall when they see it over and over again.


There’s no problem with a generic-looking logo, but there could be a problem with a logo that looks like it represents an entirely different industry. Let’s say, for example, your bail bond logo has a silhouette of a lawnmower. Unless you’ve bailed out many lawn care criminals, it is unwise to cause this kind of confusion for your target customers. There’s also such thing as being foolishly relevant. For example, handcuffs are appropriate from a relevance standpoint but inappropriate from a marketability standpoint. Use good judgment, like with anything else.


Nobody likes a logo that is too loud. The color scheme is a big deal for the subconscious, and colors that don’t mix and match well will hurt people’s eyes. Another over-complication involves too much text. Since it’s a logo, it is supposed to work on people’s subconscious rather than conscious. As a result, it should be something people can look at quickly and form an opinion on without having to try too hard. If you think about some of the most successful brands in America, you’ll note that their logo is not overly complicated. In most cases, it’s just the opposite.

Bail Bonds Logo Design Services

Are you just starting to build your bail bonds online presence? Or are you merely looking to improve your current website to improve your rankings with search engines? Whatever your online goals are, a quality bail bonds logo will play a significant part in helping you succeed. For any business website, such as a bail agent website, a professional logo is essential when developing your brand image. An effective logo design features various elements that make your company what it is and result in an image that your client and potential clients can identify. At Bail Webmasters, we offer affordable logo designs for bail bonds and a variety of other essential SEO services. 

Bail Bond Logos Blog Cover

Bail Bond Logo Design

Bail Webmasters creates logos for bail bond agents throughout the United States. With in-house graphic designers, we not only produce original logos on your behalf, but we also improve existing ones. We do all of this as part of our internet marketing services for bail agents. As a bail SEO company, we understand that presentation is part of optimization. Designing an SEO-friendly site is not attainable without logo integration, which will extend beyond your primary web address to Google My Business, Facebook, and elsewhere.

From Logos to Leads

Increasing bail leads is not easy in a time like this. If you read our article about the ads ban, you’ll better understand the marketing options in 2021. Since major platforms now prohibit one of the most lucrative traffic and lead generation sources, the only hope left for online customer acquisition is good old-fashioned bail bond SEO. Bail websites are still subject to the same standards as any site hoping to rank on organic results. They must have a custom design, original content, and local maps integration to have an excellent chance. 

Do I Need A Bondsman Logo For My Business?

You may have heard the saying; life is in the details. When it comes to your website, this mantra rings true, and every detail matters. Just any logo won’t do. The right logo memorably describes your company. Your bail bonds logo design should be unique, focusing on color schemes, typography, and shape. Think about it: This image needs to accurately and favorably represent the business you’ve built. It can go on everything from your website to your business cards. Our designers work with you and your company’s story to help you create a timeless, simple, and adaptable logo that will help your business succeed.

So how does your bail bonds logo play a role in your website’s success? Your logo helps clients, as well as potential clients, connect with your brand. Consistency across the board, in the form of a simple image, works wonders for cultivating brand recognition and loyalty. Consumers make many decisions based on appearances and service, so your logo should be of the same high quality as your services. If you are interested in adding a specialized bail bonds logo design to your bondsman website, call the bail agent SEO experts at Bail Webmasters today. With our help, you can get the professional edge you need to take your online web presence and search engine rankings to the next level. We offer quality, affordable logo design services, content writing, web design, and more.

6 Marketing Trends for Bail Bondsman in 2021

Most bail agents struggled with marketing in 2020. Google banned bail ads, and Facebook soon followed. The top digital powerhouses have morally condemned the industry and removed your advertising opportunities as a result. But there is still hope of marketing your bail bonds business online. Check out these six bail bond marketing trends for companies throughout the U.S. Bail Webmasters has identified these six marketing trends to ensure your bail bonds business stays thriving in 2021.

6 Marketing Trends for Bail Bondsman 2019 Blog Cover

AdWords is Dead

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) has banned bail bonds ads from Google permanently. You can no longer run PPC ads on Google. The ban is bad news for many bond dealers, as it was their top online traffic source. Google made the decision and there’s nothing anyone can do to change it. We are at the mercy of Google when it comes to unilateral decisions of this nature. The alternative options are:

  • Organic SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Traditional Outbound Marketing

Facebook Ads are Dead

Following the lead of Google, Facebook prohibited the use of bail bonds ads, citing exploitation. You might think that eliminates one of the alternatives listed previously, but it doesn’t. Social media marketing doesn’t have to involve advertising. Like you can market yourself on Google through organic search, you can market yourself on social through organic reach. While it’s true that Facebook has also restricted branded content, there’s still these platforms:

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Local Maps are Critical

Showing up on Google Maps is critical, which means you need a verified Google My Business address and a company website with embedded location data. Most searches made today come via mobile devices. If someone gets a DUI, they might immediately type “dui bail bonds near me” into Safari on their iPhone. The first thing they’ll see is the top 3 Maps listings. If your company isn’t one of them, it becomes an uphill battle to even become visible to them at any point during their search. Improve Maps listings through:

  • GMB Verification
  • NAP Consistency
  • Website Address Listing

Organic SEO is a LifeLine

If the only way to promote your bail bonds agency online were through paid advertising, you’d have already closed down your business. The good news is that bail bond SEO is your saving grace. Google will still rank bail companies for organic searches. Their logic? They aren’t profiting from the clicks like they were with AdWords. So people finding your services through organic search are finding it naturally, hence the term “organic.” For organic SEO to work, you need the following:

  • Custom Website
  • Inbound Links
  • Google My Business
  • Unique Content

Branding is Important

News for everyone in 2021, Google favors reputable brands over newcomers. A website is just that, a website. But a brand is something far superior. It is something evident in several properties throughout the web. Think about it. An active logo on their company website, company blog, social media profiles, and external domains will earn more trust than someone with only a company site. Branding is about expansion and outreach. Here’s how to build a bail brand in 2021:

  • Create a Bail Bond Logo
  • Hire a Digital Marketing Firm
  • Invest in Ongoing SEO Services

Outbound Marketing

Sometimes you have to go back to the future. Since online ads are dead, you might revisit some aspects of traditional marketing. Consider flyers, local radio spots, etc. There’s ways to modernize each of these techniques. For example, you can send brochures in digital form to everyone on your email list. Second, radio spots can now be podcast spots, which disseminate through various online platforms. Outbound marketing can include:

  • Digital Flyers
  • Email Lists / Newsletters
  • Podcast Spots

Bail Webmasters Can Help

Don’t know how to make bail bond logos? Or market them online, for that matter? There’s a solution. The name is Bail Webmasters, and we are a full digital marketing agency for bail bondsman. By providing the best bail bonds SEO on the market, we can supplement traffic lost from bail PPC ads’ death. We’ve helped bondsman recover from this blow by producing excellent websites with unique content and schema markup. We’ve also earned top Maps rankings on behalf of these companies, providing people with someone to call straight from their mobile device.

Bail Bond Marketing Local

The war on bail bonds could be discouraging for you as a business owner, but you can react one of two ways. The first way is to give up and quit, never to be seen in the bail industry again. The second way is to find a new path to the same destination. Online marketing is about lead generation. Although AdWords is dead, there are still ways to generate bail bond leads online. Sure, you’ll need the help of experts like those at Bail Webmasters, but with an affordable rate and a resume of experience within your industry, what’s the downside?

Grow Your Business.
Call Today: 866-362-3378

The Death of PPC Ads for Bail Bondsmen

Bail SEO: The Death of Bondsman Ads (COVER)

The Death of Bondsmen Ads

Google recently banned ads for bail services, and the implications for the industry could be significant. Because PPC ads have long been considered the bread and butter of bondsman marketing, bail companies will now have to look elsewhere to promote their services with search engine optimization, otherwise known as “SEO,” being on top of the list. Whether you agree or disagree with Google’s decision, nothing can change it. Bail Webmasters can help you make sense of what happened, why it happened, and what to do next.

What Does an Ad Ban Mean?

Google’s PPC platform, formerly known as AdWords and now known simply as Google Ads, no longer accepts bids from bail services. Any revenue your business was generating from Google Ads has ended. Bondsman services cannot advertise on Google anymore.

Why Did Google Ban Bail Ads?

Google disallows any ads that are considered by their definition to market a deceptive or harmful product. Bondsman services often profit from low-income communities unable to post bail after being arrested but before standing trial. Payments can put families in debt quickly. Even if the defendant is found innocent, it will severely hinder their long-term financial well-being — specifically for communities already struggling with income.

Bail Bondsman SEO

While the ethical reasons for banning bail ads have been made clear, Google has strategically withheld their financial motives. As much as Google has attempted to brand their decision as strictly ethical, the reality is that money is a factor. Because low-income communities don’t represent a worthwhile ROI for Google Ads, banning said ads does not impact their bottom line. Their motive for instituting this ban probably falls somewhere in between the two ideas.

What Can Bondsman Do About It?

Since bond dealers are unlikely to shut down their businesses, they must find new ways to market their services online. Since PPC is no longer an option, organic search optimization becomes the next best method to generate internet leads. Because every company within your industry is subject to the same regulations, you have every chance of outranking them on search results with a competent bail SEO service. Areas of optimization to focus on include:

On-Page SEO

Optimizing on-site web content refers to on-page SEO. On-page optimization includes everything from titles, headers, and meta descriptions, to body content, image alt text, and internal linking. Every bondsmen’s page aims to inform their target consumers. If someone gets arrested for a DUI, they’ll want to find a web page that talks specifically about DUI bail services and provides helpful information about how to proceed. Elements of on-page SEO include:

  • Content: The body text throughout each web page
  • Headers: The optimization of H1’s, H2’s, and H3’s on your pages
  • Images: The relevance of your on-page photos, as well as their alt text
  • Meta Descriptions: The length and relevance of your meta description
  • Titles: The SEO title of each page (Should include keywords, but only once)

When people think of SEO, they most frequently imagine on-page optimization. Keywords have always been a popular buzzword in the online marketing community, but they no longer hold as much weight as they once did. The highest-ranking pages today use a combination of keywords and relevant synonyms for a superior reading experience. The tactic of stuffing as many keywords as possible into your text is obsolete.

Off-Site SEO

Optimizing your website is a significant first step, but on-page SEO cannot alone make you rank towards the top of search results, in most cases. Remember, your web page only has to be incrementally better than your main competitors. So if your rivals are only doing on-page SEO, you can probably outrank them by doing it better. The reality, however, is that most websites have a full range of SEO methods that extend beyond the page. Elements of off-site SEO are:

  • Directory Listings (NAP): The claiming and optimization of business listings on Google, Yelp, etc.
  • Inbound Links: The acquisition of incoming links from authority websites within your niche
  • Social Media: The presence of your company’s brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Like with their decision to discontinue bail ads, Google has also brought the hammer down on spammy link building. The difference is that this shift in focus happened back in 2013. Many sites were heavily penalized for the illegitimate formation of backlinks and suffered significant ranking drops. It’s never been more important to keep your off-site SEO strategy within the regulations levied by Google and its constituents.

Technical SEO

Some parts of optimization have nothing to do with words and everything to do with the operation. Your content quality won’t matter if the website doesn’t load quickly enough or discourages simple navigation via a mobile device. Today, attention spans are shorter than ever before, and people are unwilling to wait for information. If they can’t get an optimal mobile experience from your website, they’ll move on to your competitor. Aspects of technical SEO are:

  • Mobile Design: The intuitiveness of your website’s display on smartphone devices
  • Page Navigation: The simplicity of your site’s navigation from smartphones and tablets
  • Site Speed: How fast your pages load once clicked on

Because users access the web on a wide range of devices, your bail website must display optimally on each one of them. Apple products like iPhones and iPads are top-rated, but other devices like the Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy hold a significant market share. And despite its steady decline, we can’t forget about the good old desktop computer. The same is true of laptops, MacBooks, and other kinds of hybrid devices.

Bail Bondsman SEO vs PPC Chart

How Bail Webmasters Can Help

Since one of your business pillars has been pulled out from under you, investing in a marketing company to assist you with re-establishing your online presence is critical. Bail Webmasters can be that company for you. As specialists of bail marketing, our services are tailored specifically for guarantors, giving us a leg up on more general marketing firms. We understand keyword research and how to rank your website responsibly and sustainably. Our search engine optimization services consist of:

  • On-Page SEO: Titles, headers, images, body content, etc.
  • Off-Site SEO: Link building, NAP listings, social media, etc.
  • Technical SEO: Web design, site speed optimization, etc.

For many bail companies throughout the country, this is a stressful time. Because Google decided to disallow PPC ads marketing your services, many are scrambling to find a way to supplement that traffic. The first step is to avoid panic. Don’t do anything radical just because one of your primary traffic streams is no longer available. Understanding that you are under stress, Bail Webmasters can walk you through the process step by step and help you either regain or sustain your traffic and lead generation. Call 866-362-3378 to speak with an SEO specialist today.

Other Bail Marketing Options

Aside from SEO and the now-prohibited PPC advertisements, bond dealers have other avenues through which to pursue customer growth. There’s good old direct mail for bondsman looking to gain clients using a more traditional method. The problem with direct mail is that its ROI has grown increasingly limited over the years. The time spent crafting a graphically appealing postcard or flier is seldom worth its 1% or less response rate. Many of today’s consumers would respond more to inbound marketing, making them feel in control of their own decisions, rather than outbound marketing, which feels like tired salesmanship.

If direct mail is too antiquated, email marketing seems like a possible supplement. The problem with email marketing is that you must have a sizeable contact library to utilize it effectively. For bondsman new to the trade or to those who don’t have the customer base that merits a mass email newsletter, or something similar, SEO presents a far superior alternative to email marketing. Like with direct mail, email newsletters are fundamentally outbound marketing, and therefore generally work against the ideals of today’s consumers and their buying behaviors.

Digital Marketing Tips for Bail Bondsman

Digital Marketing Tips for Bail Bondsman

Implement These Digital Marketing Tips for Bail Bondsman in 2018

As we enter the 4th quarter of 2017, the main goal of bail agencies heading in to 2018 will be establishing their brand for a profitable and fruitful year. There are various techniques bondsman can use to build relationships with future clients, company partners, and general business allies in and out of the bail industry. The ultimate goal will be to acquire as many new customers as possible, and allow your online presence to translate to offline benefits. Here are 3 digital marketing tips for bail bondsman heading in to 2018.

1. Hire an SEO Marketing Company

The bail business is too hectic to handle the intricacies of internet marketing on your own. What you need is a professional search engine optimization company to put you to the top of Google search results. Be careful who you invest in though. Many companies will promise big results but fail to deliver, costing you major ROI. Look for these qualities in a good SEO company:

  • Affordability: Price is always a consideration, as it should be
  • Free Consultation: Your inquiries about their services should be informative and free of charge
  • Industry Knowledge: A “general” marketing company won’t be as valuable as one that specializes in bail bond companies
  • Specific Outline: Any prospective marketing company should be able to detail their process step by step

2. Start a Social Media Campaign

To get seen in this day in age, you have to be visible on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can even count YouTube as a form of social media. Customers are more comfortable doing business with a company they can see on popular digital channels. Having a social media presence helps bail agents:

  • Brand The Company: Branding is about associating your image, logo, etc. with positive qualities
  • Connect with Customers: Many internet users today prefer to communicate via social media apps
  • Create Social Signals: Likes, shares, follows, and mentions, all contribute to local SEO
  • Expand SERP Visibility: Having a Facebook and Twitter page gives you two more chances to rank an online entity on Google search results

3. Localize Your Internet Marketing Strategy

If you hire the right SEO company, they will account for the local SEO aspect of internet marketing. It is no longer enough to rank generally for terms like “bondsman” or “bail bonds for dui”. In today’s market, you must specify your service area, and the potential clients that you can accommodate. Some ways to to do that include:

  • Blog Posts: Schedule monthly blog posts that mention and reference local themes
  • Citation Sources: List your company on Google My Business, BBB, Yelp, and other directories
  • Discounts/Giveaways: Engage local consumers through digital discounts and or giveaways, which can be promoted via social media
  • SEO Title, Meta, Headers: Based on research, use local keywords in your SEO titles, meta descriptions, as well as your header tags (H1, H2, H3)

The #1 Bail Bonds SEO Company

Considering all the marketing expectations placed on local businesses, specifically bail bondsman, there is one clear choice for an internet marketing company. That is Bail Webmasters. We are a nation-wide internet marketing company that specializes in Bail Bonds SEO, Website Design, and Social Media Marketing. We work with bail agents all the time so know exactly what it takes to properly market your services to a wide audience. We will build your brand, expand your online presence, and get you what you ultimately need to be successful in 2018; customer acquisition. Call 866-362-3378 for bondsman internet marketing services today!

How Blogging Helps Your Bail Website Rank Better

One of the best ways to rank better on search engines and get more traffic to your bail site is through blogging. While it doesn’t seem like the first thing you would do, it is an easy and effective way to boost rankings and gain more of an audience. Here are a few reasons how blogging helps your bail website rank better.

How Blogging Helps Your Bail Website Rank Better

Blogging Can Help You Rank Better On Search Engines and Find More Customers.

New Content

Google and other search engines love new content. It’s very rare that you will be adding new content to your website’s pages, so adding new content through blogging is a great step. Monthly blogs can keep you more relevant and rank higher on search engines.

More Authoritative

This is an incredibly important aspect of blogging. Writing blog posts that have to do with FAQ, Q&A, and even how to’s will make you a more credible source. Existing customers and even potential customers will turn to you when they want to learn something new about bail or aren’t sure how bail works.

More Images

Don’t forget to add images! Blog posts are usually 200-250 words, so one image is fine, but its images on a blog is another great way for search engines to rank you. The images have to be relevant to the content and named correctly, but when they are, they can really help.

 Social Media

If you link your blog posts to your social media, this is a great way for new people to find you and keep your current customers interested.

Do you need content management for your bail bond website? Call the Bail Webmasters at 866-362-3378 today.

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The Importance of Content

Photo of ContentWhen building your website, you know that content is important. Content on your website is where you get across what your bail site is about, information about your company, and even your opinion on matters. Think of this as the life force of your website. At Bail Webmasters, we know how important a role this information plays in both SEO and the ranking of your website. How does this affect your website?

The Content Difference

Quality & Quantity

Having informational, in depth information can be a great boon to your website. When content is crafted, it should be knowledgeable of the subject matter establishes you and your bail company as an authoritative figure in the industry to both potential clients and Google. This allows them to trust you as a leader in the field. Your website should also have enrichment through videos, links, and pictures, engaging your readers and making your bail site memorable.

Using Keywords

Keywords are unique phrases that are used to search for specific subjects. For example, if your customers are looking for bail, they will specifically look for bail in their city. By providing quality information and using keywords within the field, search engines can identify you as a source for clients needs.

Frequently Updated

If there is one thing search engines love, it is a bail site that updates regularly. Generating new content gives search engines more information. This tells them you, your company, and your bail site are all active and ready to assist clients.

Bail Webmasters provides content, web design, and SEO services for bail companies. Lets get started on your new website today by calling 866-362-3378!

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How Social Media Helps Your SEO

Wondering if social media will help your business? You may think it’s not worth the hassle, but a solid social media presence can go a long way in helping to improve your SEO. Here are just a few ways how social media helps your SEO.

Number of Followers Improves Your Ranking

how social media helps your seoThe more followers you have on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, the better search engine ranking you’ll have. Your number of followers helps validate your online presence. Plus, more followers means higher rates of engagement, linking, sharing, and more. However, be warned that Google can tell when your 10,000 followers are bogus accounts. Don’t get scammed into buying followers; organic growth is far more beneficial when it comes to SEO.

More Links To Your Site

With more followers engaging with and sharing your content, you will get more backlinks to your site. Backlinks help boost your ratings with Google, and the more chances people have to get to your site, the better. And it helps to have multiple social media channels; diversified links are more beneficial than backlinks coming from just one source. You can look at social media as further communicating content and drawing people into your main site.

Social Sharing Give Your A Boost

The more engagement you have—shares, likes, retweets, comments, etc.—the better your authority is. Again, this engagement is best if organic, and search engines like to see this. Though not so much SEO-related and significant to your brand, social sharing also helps build credibility with your audience. With the significance of word-of-mouth, social sharing can give you a big brand boost as well as help your SEO.

Grow Brand Awareness

Speaking of brand awareness, social media is a major contributor. Users, especially the younger generation, expects businesses to operate social platforms in addition to a website. A regularly updated, consistent social presence will help your audience keep in touch with your business. To keep them from forgetting about you, occupy the valuable space available in social media.

For more information on internet marketing and how social media helps your SEO, call us today! We can help your get ahead of the competition by tailoring our services to fit your needs. For a free consultation about how to improve your business online, call Bail Webmasters at 866-362-3378.

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Service Spotlight: Increase Your Online Visibility

How well is your bail bonds company showing up online? With Local Mapping, customers will be able to find information about your business fast when they need it the most. Having a website with built in local mapping increases your visibility online and makes it easier to attract new business.

39198467 - navigation map

Local mapping is a highly valuable component of internet marketing for bail bonds companies. Your customers will be looking for bail bonds service in local search results. If you don’t have mapping setup your customers will have a hard time finding you over another local bail bonds company. Using local mapping along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you get found on the web.

The team at Bail Webmasters is here to help you improve your web presence and optimize your website to rank well on Google Search results. Interested in learning more about Mapping or SEO Optimization? Give us a call at 1-866-362-3378 or check out our services online today.

Our local mapping service includes:

  • Initial setup of Google Accounts and directory listings
  • Monitoring and updating your accounts and listings
  • Website performance reports

We can help you get ahead of the local competition! Our goal is to maximize your visibility online through internet marketing services tailored specifically to your business. Local mapping is just one of the many services we provide to improve your web presence. For more information on local mapping and internet marketing with Bail Webmasters, call today at 1-866-362-3378. We provide free consultations to help you find improvements for your business online.

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