Bondsman Business Listing Directories

Bail Citation Sources

Listings on Major Directories Improve Online Presence

How do people in trouble with the law find bail bondsman on the internet? They, or a family member, usually searches Google. They might search something like “bail bonds near me”. The results that are displayed depend on a variety of variables. One of the most important and controllable variables is citation sourcing. Having your bondsman company on local business listing directories can help establish your online presence and give you a better chance of showing up higher on Google search engine results. Bail agents should be listed on:

  • Better Business Bureau: Known for their authority on business ethics and credibility
  • Facebook Business: Can Display 5 star scale ratings on SERPs
  • Google My Business: Helps Google searchers find your company easily
  • Yelp: Helps generate reviews and and build reputations

Though citation sources are not known to directly influence search engine results, there is, at the very least, and indirect influence. MOZ lists citation signals as one of their 2017 Local Ranking Factors, meaning that they’ve found that being listed on reputable directories can improve local visibility on search rankings. For bail bonds business listing directories management, give us a call at 866-362-3378.

Google My Business for Bail Bonds Companies

Google My Business Search

GMB is the Most Important Citation

The better optimized your GMB page is, the more likely you will attract relevant traffic which will yield new customers. The search engine publicly states ways to improve your local ranking on Google. Some of the most important aspects of Google My Business optimization include:

  • Add Photos: Use high quality company images
  • Complete Your Profile: Fill out all fields on the GMB page
  • Manage Reviews: Encourage and respond to reviews about your service
  • Verify Your Location: Follow Google’s protocol to verify your business location

Other factors will come into play to how Google ranks your business. Some of these factors include, distance, relevance, and prominence. Brands that have established themselves offline (mostly corporations) have advantages in the prominence area. That’s why it is important to focus on distance and relevance.

The #1 Bail Bonds Internet Marketing Company

Bail Directory ListingThere are a plethora of marketing companies available online. But how many of them specialize exclusively in bail bondsman? Very few marketing companies dedicate the amount of resources that Bail Webmasters does to marketing specifically for the bail industry. We have experts in web design, SEO, and more to help your company ascend past competitors.

If you are looking for the solution to your bail bonds marketing needs, you have come to the right place. We will claim and optimize your pages on BBB, GMB, Yelp and others and ensure that your online presence is complete and conducive to lead generation. If you would like to further discuss bondsman business listing directories management, give us a call at 866-362-3378