Responsive Web Design For Bail Bonds Websites

Why is Responsive Web Design For My Bail Bonds Business so Important?

Bail Bonds Responsive Design

Responsive Design For Bail Bonds Sites Works Fluidly Across Platforms, Including Mobile.

As a bondsman, you’re likely aware that the design of your website is very important when it comes to attracting clients and improving conversion rates. You’ve also heard the term “responsive design” tossed around a few times. Bail bonds responsive web design is an essential part of your organic SEO.

Responsive design allows your website to be viewed on a variety of different platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

Websites that are unable to be viewed across multiple platforms make for a poor user experience, which means they are ranked lower among search engines. According to Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, websites without responsive design should automatically be rated poorly! At Bail Webmasters, all of our website designs are properly coded and responsive across devices. Our team of designers has years of experience, and we excel at developing innovative and user-friendly websites your potential clients will love!

Bail Bonds Responsive Web Design

In our fast-paced world, speed and mobility mean everything. Website loading times need to happen in the blink of an eye, or internet users will move on to the next result. Additionally, if your website is not available on their mobile devices, they won’t be able to view your site on the go.

Bail clients in particular need to be able to access your website from a mobile device. After all, there’s no telling when the call to help a loved one will come!

At Bail Webmasters, we develop high quality websites to increase your ranking online, as well as improve your conversion rates with customers. Our bail bonds SEO experts create responsive designs that include user-friendly features such as contact forms, reviews, and more! Never again lose a client because your website doesn’t work properly on their device.

Common Questions

Across Devices

Why Do We Need to Optimize Across Devices?

When you shop online, what device do you use? When you need directions to the nearest gas station, what device do you pull out of your pocket? If you said “My smartphone.”, you’re part of the majority of Americans who use their phones as their primary search device. The simple, unavoidable fact is that Americans use a broad spectrum of tools to research their essential services.

If your website can’t handle that, then you’re missing out on customers every week.

By optimizing across devices however, you’ll expose your brand to a much larger local audience. That means more clients and more revenue for your business. Hold onto desktop-only (or even mobile-only) design, and those clients will take their needs elsewhere without a moment’s hesitation.

SEO Ramifications

How Does Responsive Design Affect SEO?

First of all, Google can tell whether or not a site has been optimized with responsive web design. Second, so can your potential customers! Bail SEO requires businesses to cater to the needs of both. Desktop or mobile-only sites automatically earn lower rankings in Google Search. The prospective clients who do land on an un-optimized site won’t stay their long if they have to fight for their service.

What happens when you switch to a site with responsive web design?

  • Google notices and ranks you above desktop and mobile-only sites.
  • Site visitors stay longer to read about your services.
  • The same visitors click to more pages and call your business.
  • Google observes the increased visitor activity and ranks your site higher, again.
  • The higher rankings mean more people see your site.
  • More site traffic means more leads and more calls.
  • Your happy clients give you glowing reviews.
  • Google notices and gives you higher ranks, yet again.
  • The wonderful cycle continues!

Testing Current Sites

How Do I Know if My Website Uses Responsive Design?

There are a couple simple tests to see whether or not your website uses a responsive design. First, try pulling out your phone and seeing if your homepage loads properly on your phone. Ideally, the images, menus, and other elements should automatically switch to a mobile-friendly form for easy viewing. If material shows up beyond the side margins of the screen and you have to scroll sideways to see it, you definitely do not have responsive design incorporated into your site.

Want an even faster method? Open a desktop browser. Pull up your homepage, and try changing the size of your browser window from full screen to half screen (or vice-versa). If the site doesn’t adjust automatically to the new window size, that’s a problem!

Another simple test is to pull up your website source code and search for responsive elements. Open a browser and bring up your homepage. Press CTRL + U (For Macs, Option + Command + U). You’ll see a new page packed with code. Don’t panic! Simply CTRL + F (for Macs, Command + F) and type in “Responsive”. You should see multiple elements with the term attached to it. If you don’t see the word “Responsive” anywhere in your site’s source code, it’s time for a redesign.

Responsive Design vs Mobile

Bail Bonds Responsive Web Design

Our Webmasters are Experts at Creating Appealing, Responsive Bail Bonds Web Designs For Your Clients.

It is important that you don’t confuse a mobile site with responsive design. Google always prefers websites with responsive design to websites with mobile sites. Why? Mobile sites are separate, smaller sites that condense the information from your old site, which removes a large amount of the information that helps your site optimize. Bail bonds responsive web design allows your full website to be easily viewed and navigated on any device, including smartphones. Once your potential clients get to your responsive website on a mobile device, they are more likely to stay on your site, as opposed to a less-helpful mobile site, or a site that is entirely unresponsive. Additionally, a site that can be reached on multiple devices is better for customer loyalty, because internet users value accessibility. The easier it is to be your customer, the more likely they will stay your customer.

If you are struggling with a website that is unresponsive or hard to navigate, stop! Call the bail bonds SEO experts At Bail Webmasters. We are dedicated to providing reliable and affordable SEO services to our clients, and we excel at creating bail bonds responsive web design. We’re so confident that a website designed by our team will leave Google, your clients, and yourself completely satisfied, that we offer our services with no contract. Give us a call today at 866-362-3378 to learn more!