Digital Marketing Tips for Bail Bondsman

Digital Marketing Tips for Bail Bondsman

Implement These Digital Marketing Tips for Bail Bondsman in 2018

As we enter the 4th quarter of 2017, the main goal of bail agencies heading in to 2018 will be establishing their brand for a profitable and fruitful year. There are various techniques bondsman can use to build relationships with future clients, company partners, and general business allies in and out of the bail industry. The ultimate goal will be to acquire as many new customers as possible, and allow your online presence to translate to offline benefits. Here are 4 digital marketing tips for bail bondsman heading in to 2018.

1. Hire an SEO Marketing Company

The bail business is too hectic to handle the intricacies of internet marketing on your own. What you need is a professional search engine optimization company to put you to the top of Google search results. Be careful who you invest in though. Many companies will promise big results but fail to deliver, costing you major ROI. Look for these qualities in a good SEO company:

  • Affordability: Price is always a consideration, as it should be
  • Free Consultation: Your inquiries about their services should be informative and free of charge
  • Industry Knowledge: A “general” marketing company won’t be as valuable as one that specializes in bail bond companies
  • Specific Outline: Any prospective marketing company should be able to detail their process step by step

2. Start a Social Media Campaign

To get seen in this day in age, you have to be visible on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can even count YouTube as a form of social media. Customers are more comfortable doing business with a company they can see on popular digital channels. Having a social media presence helps bail agents:

  • Brand The Company: Branding is about associating your image, logo, etc. with positive qualities
  • Connect with Customers: Many internet users today prefer to communicate via social media apps
  • Create Social Signals: Likes, shares, follows, and mentions, all contribute to local SEO
  • Expand SERP Visibility: Having a Facebook and Twitter page gives you two more chances to rank an online entity on Google search results

3. Launch a Pay Per Click Campaign

SEO is the best long-term sustainable strategy for internet marketing, but it is not the quickest. Search engine optimization takes time to implement in more ways than one. First, the processes necessary to optimize your website take time and detailed work. Second, once the processes have been instituted, it takes some time for Google to crawl and index the site appropriately. To get leads fast, while you wait, launch a PPC campaign that can include the following:

  • Budget Control: Never overspend by setting a cap on your budget
  • Geo-Targeting: Use research to target specific locations that have a high demand and low supply
  • Keyword Targeting: Use research to target long-tail keywords that competitors are missing out on
  • Resource Efficiency: Allocate resources to users you know can service rather than “people in general”

4. Localize Your Internet Marketing Strategy

If you hire the right SEO company, they will account for the local SEO aspect of internet marketing. It is no longer enough to rank generally for terms like “bondsman” or “bail bonds for dui”. In today’s market, you must specify your service area, and the potential clients that you can accommodate. Some ways to to do that include:

  • Blog Posts: Schedule monthly blog posts that mention and reference local themes
  • Citation Sources: List your company on Google My Business, BBB, Yelp, and other directories
  • Discounts/Giveaways: Engage local consumers through digital discounts and or giveaways, which can be promoted via social media
  • SEO Title, Meta, Headers: Based on research, use local keywords in your SEO titles, meta descriptions, as well as your header tags (H1, H2, H3)

The #1 Bail Bonds SEO Company

Considering all the marketing expectations placed on local businesses, specifically bail bondsman, there is one clear choice for an internet marketing company. That is Bail Webmasters. We are a nation-wide internet marketing company that specializes in Bail Bonds SEO, Website Design, PPC, and Social Media Marketing. We work with bail agents all the time so know exactly what it takes to properly market your services to a wide audience. We will build your brand, expand your online presence, and get you what you ultimately need to be successful in 2018; customer acquisition. Call 866-362-3378 for bondsman internet marketing services today!

Local SEO Marketing Tips for Bondsman

Local SEO Marketing Tips

Bail Webmasters has years of experience working with local bail bondsman on how to improve their online marketing, and create more leads

In our years of working with bail bondsman on internet marketing, we have helped create customer growth and exciting new opportunities for local businesses. At Bail Webmasters, we would like to share some of the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, in hopes that it will help more local bail agents reach their fullest business potential. If you would like to speak with one of our bail SEO experts, you can give us a call now at 866-362-3378. Check out our local SEO marketing tips for bondsman:

Be Visible

Customers can’t choose you, if they can’t find you. Visibility seems like a simple concept, yet so many bail companies continue to exist in relative obscurity when it comes to online marketing. There are a lot of potential customers out there, waiting to connect, you just have to become visible to them. Some of the ways you can improve your online visibility are:

  • Business Directories: Create or claim your listing on directories like Google My Business and Better Business Bureau
  • On Page Optimization: Create user friendly content with strategically placed keywords, both within the content, and within title, header, and meta tags
  • Review Websites: Monitor your reviews on websites like Yelp, and Google, and make sure to respond to negative reviews in a professional manner
  • Social Media: Create and maintain profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and post content regularly

At Bail Webmasters, we offer SEO services that span across all aspects of internet marketing. We understand that online visibility is critical to the success of bail companies and use our expertise to most efficiently market our clients. The more visible you become, the more customer leads you will generate, which will ultimately affect your bottom line.

Be User Friendly

The biggest mistake bail companies make on their websites, is trying to trick Google into ranking their pages higher. In many of these cases, bondsman have put their trust in the hands of amateur SEO consultants, who use obsolete practices, designed to manipulate search engines into higher rankings. Instead, follow this protocol for user friendly content:

  • Engaging: Instead of stuffing keywords into your content, attempt to engage visitors with well written content that explains your services in detail
  • Unique: Stand out from other bail websites by explaining how your services are different, and create helpful and informative link structures, both internally and externally
  • Valuable: Make your content have an objective, perhaps a linked phone number so that interested parties can contact you directly, but make sure your content has value to the user

These concepts are explained in more detail in Google Webmaster Guidelines. Not only will manipulative SEO not help you rank, but it will actually get you penalized by Google. Ditch that strategy, and begin to create content for users that is engaging, unique and valuable. The end result will be more relevant traffic, with a higher potential for sales conversions.

Target Location

Local SEO Marketing Tips for Bondsman

Bail bondsman must optimize their website for local search, in order to create more valuable traffic

Optimizing for local search is not equivalent to national search. Local keywords differ from national ones, in that the best versions of them combine industry keywords with location keywords. An example of a high potential local keyword would be; “bail bond services miami” as it takes a industry keyword “bail bond services” and combines it with a local keyword “services miami”. Some of the ways in which location targeting can help your local SEO are:

  • Location Mapping: With the majority of local search taking place on mobile devices, Google can now display results based on the user’s proximity from the desired business, making accurate location data an increasingly critical factor for bail bondsman
  • Reputation Building: It’s no secret that Google values companies with a strong reputation, making a connection with your local community, using the aforementioned visibility tips, a critical component to your local success
  • Traffic Relevance: The objective of your online marketing is to create sales opportunities, meaning only users with the potential to invest in your services are worth attracting

Out of all the local SEO marketing tips for bondsman, the most important one is location targeting. You have to know your audience before you can market to them, and before you can convert them into sales. Bail companies that follow these local SEO marketing tips for bondsman, will reap the rewards of increased business and customer lead generation. Call 866-362-3378 to speak with one of our bail bonds SEO experts today!

Why Bondsman Need Mobile Websites

Bail Bondsman Mobile Website

Mobile pages should contain a click to call link, one that leads directly to your bail bonds office line

The term “mobile friendly” is often thrown out to describe websites that present well on mobile devices. Depending on your knowledge of search engine optimization, you may or may not realize just how important mobile websites have become to local bondsman. Mobile use now accounts for 71% of digital minutes in the United States. It is no longer a luxury to have a well optimized mobile website, it is now a necessity. Consider the following aspects of optimal mobile presentation:

Call to Action

Local Bail Bonds websites should contain a call to action on each page of their mobile website. These call to actions should be displayed in link form, using a technique known as click call functionality. What this means is, visitors will be able to click the phone number link on your website, and immediately connect to either your office or personal line (your choice) through their mobile phone.

Fast Site Speed

Mobile users want information, and they want it fast. An estimated 40% of users will exit a site that fails to load in 3 seconds or less. Bondsman can test their mobile site speed using Google’s Test My Site tool. It is important to understand that if users exit your website, they will be gravitating towards competitors with faster mobile speed.

Location Data

Your NAP information must be accurate and visible on your mobile website. Local searches are customized based on the location of the user in relation to the location of your bail agent office. In order to attract local users with a high potential for conversion, your local mapping must be optimized.

Responsive Design

IPhones, Samsungs, and others, all have different display sizes and presentations. Your mobile site must account for each model, of each manufacturer. The best way to accomplish this task, is to implement responsive design. This design technique allows your website to adapt to the device in which it is currently being accessed on. This gives users flexibility, and extends your market reach across all platforms.

Simple Navigation

Providing access to a mobile website is not nearly enough to produce an optimal user experience. Mobile websites should not only present well, but they must be easy to navigate. Nothing is more frustrating to a user, than a website they cannot navigate. Whether the menu is too small, or the links are illegible, poor navigation will increase your bounce rate, and cost you customers.

Bondsman Mobile Website Design Services

Bail Webmasters designs mobile friendly websites, with the intention of ranking well on local search results. We optimize each of our websites with responsive web design, allowing users of all mobile manufacturers, to easily access and navigate our bondsman websites. Our experience working with clients in the bail bonds industry, gives us a leg up over other internet marketing services. If you would like to speak with one of our experts regarding bondsman mobile website design services, give us a call at 866-362-3378

The Importance of Silo Pages

Silo Page StructureMany bail websites are constructed with a few pages and an excess of blog posts. The problem with this method is that too much quality content is going towards blog posts, rather than the website itself. It is important for bail bondsman to realize that not everything should be presented through the medium of a blog post. For bail bonds content organization call 866-362-3378. An intuitive site structure is important for both SEO and branding purposes.

At Bail Webmasters, we design our websites using a hierarchical site structure. Through keyword research, we determine main pages and sub pages, so that content can be efficiently distributed throughout the entirety of the website. The sub pages, or silo pages, are more specific services that can be broken down as a sub category. For example, Bail Services would be considered a main page, or parent page, while Traffic Violation Bail would be a sub page, or silo page, underneath the Bail Services umbrella.

Content for Blog Posts

While it’s not optimal to waste too much good content on blog posts, there still needs to be a regular influx of blog activity to keep search engines and their users, engaged with your website. Try to make your blog posts a bit more informal than a regular website page. You can incorporate current events and topics into your blog posts, and relate them to the bail industry. Here are some additional ideas for blog posts:

  • Case Studies
  • Profiles/Interviews
  • Poll/Research
  • Promotions/Giveaways
  • Top 5 or Top 10 Lists

Getting an idea of what content should be blogged and what should be included on your website, takes time. The most important steps to take occur before your website is ever launched. By building a silo site structure, you can implement a variety of sub categories that can be properly marketed as niche entities. With so much information being part of your primary website, blogs will be reserved for less formal information.

Silo Page Structure

Silo pages allow bondsman to diversify their keyword rankings. While a fair amount of people would be searching “bail bondsman in city,state”, many others will be searching for specific offenses like “DUI bail in city,state”, “domestic abuse bail in city,state”, etc., and your site should have a silo page for each of them. If content like this is used for blog posts, rather than silo pages, you are holding back the SEO potential of your website. Some of the SEO benefits to Silo pages include:

  • Index Expansion: Create more SERP appearances by having more pages indexed
  • Intuitive Structure: Make it simple for users to jump from page to page
  • Keyword Diversity: Rank for various keywords, instead of just a few main ones
  • Simultaneous Marketing: Market to niches, while also marketing to broader targets

There is no downside to using silo pages for your bail agent website. If properly optmized, these pages will help your search optimization, exponentially. The ability to attract different groups of customers to the same website, is invaluable. At Bail Webmasters, we design each of our websites with silo structure, and do everything possible to help improve your website ranking on Google search results. For bail bonds silo page structure, give us a call at 866-362-3378

How Blogging Helps Your Bail Website Rank Better

One of the best ways to rank better on search engines and get more traffic to your bail site is through blogging. While it doesn’t seem like the first thing you would do, it is an easy and effective way to boost rankings and gain more of an audience. Here are a few reasons how blogging helps your bail website rank better.

How Blogging Helps Your Bail Website Rank Better

Blogging Can Help You Rank Better On Search Engines and Find More Customers.

New Content

Google and other search engines love new content. It’s very rare that you will be adding new content to your website’s pages, so adding new content through blogging is a great step. Monthly blogs can keep you more relevant and rank higher on search engines.

More Authoritative

This is an incredibly important aspect of blogging. Writing blog posts that have to do with FAQ, Q&A, and even how to’s will make you a more credible source. Existing customers and even potential customers will turn to you when they want to learn something new about bail or aren’t sure how bail works.

More Images

Don’t forget to add images! Blog posts are usually 200-250 words, so one image is fine, but its images on a blog is another great way for search engines to rank you. The images have to be relevant to the content and named correctly, but when they are, they can really help.

 Social Media

If you link your blog posts to your social media, this is a great way for new people to find you and keep your current customers interested.

Do you need content management for your bail bond website? Call the Bail Webmasters at 866-362-3378 today.

Why Responsive Web Design Is Crucial

Web design is a key aspect of your online success and SEO strategy. In this technology-driven world, it is becoming more and more necessary to stay ahead of the times for your online presence. People are no longer only searching for services at home, but while they are on the go. Responsive web design can put you at the front of the pack for your customers.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a term that indicates your web design can be viewed on multiple devices. Many people now use their smartphones, tablets, and other devices to search for services nearby. This gives customers easy access to all the information they need at any time. With a responsive design, customers are able to see your website, location, and information.

Why This Is Important

Photo of responsive web design

Responsive Web Design means your website is viewable on any platform.

Accessibility and ease of navigation are two things that both customers and search engines assess a website for. When searching, people want quick easy to get to information about the services they need. Your web design can stop them before they even reach this information. If a website is too difficult to use or view on multiple devices, customers are less likely to remain on that website or seek services. Search engines rank these poorly. Responsive web designs eliminate this possibility by adjusting to different devices and giving quick easy navigation to your customers.

Let’s Get Started

Bail Webmasters provides customers with quality SEO and web design. We are always available to get started on your online success. Give us a call today at 866-362-3378!


What To Look for in a Quality SEO Company

49899511 - note in the notebook concerning seo with pencils aroundTime and time again, businesses get burned by second rate SEO companies. Your expectations are high when you first sign on. You fork out a fist full of money, thinking that you’re bettering your business, but get nothing in return. It takes time and research to find a quality SEO company. But how do you know what traits to look for? The professionals at the Bail Webmasters have a few things you should keep an eye out for.

  • Certified in Google Analytics: Being well versed with Google is critical. This is why a quality SEO company will have at least one individual that is trained and certified in Google Analytics. You would think this should go without saying, but it doesn’t.
  • Content Driven: Any reputable SEO company knows that quality content on your website is what drives a good SEO plan to success. Choosing an SEO company, such as the Bail Webmasters, you will receive original content that is written to custom fit your company, along with ongoing blogging, along with numerous other beneficial elements!
  • Social Media: In recent years, the activity on your social media has become more impactful to your SEO. A quality SEO company who claims they are connected to the continuously changing world of online marketing will have a significant presence online and will do the same for their clients.

If you find that the SEO company that you’re looking at or currently signed up with is lacking any of the aforementioned characteristics, we recommend you reconsider. Signing up with a quality SEO company, like the Bail Webmasters, will take your business to the next level. Don’t hesitate in giving us a call today at 866-362-3378.

The Importance of Content

Photo of ContentWhen building your website, you know that content is important. Content on your website is where you get across what your bail site is about, information about your company, and even your opinion on matters. Think of this as the life force of your website. At Bail Webmasters, we know how important a role this information plays in both SEO and the ranking of your website. How does this affect your website?

The Content Difference

Quality & Quantity

Having informational, in depth information can be a great boon to your website. When content is crafted, it should be knowledgeable of the subject matter establishes you and your bail company as an authoritative figure in the industry to both potential clients and Google. This allows them to trust you as a leader in the field. Your website should also have enrichment through videos, links, and pictures, engaging your readers and making your bail site memorable.

Using Keywords

Keywords are unique phrases that are used to search for specific subjects. For example, if your customers are looking for bail, they will specifically look for bail in their city. By providing quality information and using keywords within the field, search engines can identify you as a source for clients needs.

Frequently Updated

If there is one thing search engines love, it is a bail site that updates regularly. Generating new content gives search engines more information. This tells them you, your company, and your bail site are all active and ready to assist clients.

Bail Webmasters provides content, web design, and SEO services for bail companies. Lets get started on your new website today by calling 866-362-3378!

Myths About SEO

myths about seoWe know there are a few myths about SEO that are floating around out there, but the Bail Webmasters are here to clear all of the up for you! Here are some of the most common SEO myths you’ll hear.

  • All you need is good content: Now it is very true that the base of any successful website is good, solid content. But the truth is that the content by itself will not  get your site or your business where it needs to be. It has to be partnered with a great design and marketing to gain the ground that you desire.
  • Pay-Per-Click, PPC is better: It is true that if your PPC is done correctly, it will render immediate results. But just because it’s faster, doesn’t mean it’s better. After a while, PPC can begin to eat away at your profit margins causing you to lose money, which no one wants. But with quality SEO, you will be able to generate organic clicks without having to pay any more than what your fee is with your SEO company allowing to stay within a budget.
  • You’ll be losing money if you use an SEO company: When you choose to hire an SEO company, such as us, you’re getting the expertise that it’s going to take to get take your business to the next level. Any good SEO company knows that it’s important to take the time to understand your objectives. For these reasons, hiring an SEO professional is not at all cheap. But if you find the right company that will do what they are supposed to do, you will see a substantial return on this investment.

We can’t emphasize enough the role SEO plays into the success of your company in this day in age. To ensure that you have any type of chance to succeed with an internet presence, you should have the best in your corner and it doesn’t get any better than the Bail Webmasters. Dial 866-362-3378 to speak with us about how we can build your business through premium level SEO services.

Organic SEO vs PPC Campaigns for Bail Bonds

With all the internet marketing services out there, it can be hard for businesses to discern what is the best internet marketing approach for them. We are here to give you a rundown of organic SEO vs PPC campaigns as related to bail bonds and other businesses.

Organic SEOorganic seo vs ppc campaigns for bail bonds

Organic search engine optimization, or SEO, is a measure of a website’s success based on unpaid means. This type of optimization builds over time, which means it doesn’t come immediately. However, as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait. When a team puts in the time and effort involved in boosting the organic SEO of a website, the site will get more business for a company because it will rank higher long-term. Without organic SEO, your website’s ranking would not rise steadily over time. Thus, it’s important to your online success to pay attention to your website’s organic optimization.

PPC Campaigns

PPC, or pay-per-click, is an advertising method which puts your company at the top or along the side in Google search results. As per the name, your company pays Google for every click you get on an advertisement in exchange for this high ranking. The higher you rank, the more you’ll pay for every click. This pays off particularly for the bail bonds business. When people need bail bonds in their area, they typically do a quick search and click the sites that are highest in the rankings, since their needs are time-sensitive. Thus, if you’re in the bail bonds business, a PPC campaign can bring you a higher click-to-sale rate.

While PPC campaigns aren’t necessarily bad for your SEO, they do have their pitfalls. Some companies get in bidding wars over ad rankings. This means they can lose a lot of money from these campaigns. Others won’t bother with organic SEO and instead will focus only on the pay-per-click campaigns. This will eventually cause your site to fall in the rankings, so your business’s online success will be short-lived.

The Bottom Line on Organic SEO vs PPC Campaigns for Bail Bonds

A website needs organic SEO in order to rank high in search engines naturally long-term. However, this takes time to build. In the meantime, bail bonds businesses can benefit from a responsibly managed PPC campaign. This will help bring traffic to the site and sell your services directly from Google. Our team of experts recommends a mix of both organic SEO strategies and PPC campaigning for bail bonds businesses. And we are just the ones to do it! Call us at 866-362-3378 to learn more about our professional internet marketing services and experience the difference in sales today!