Do broken links matter?

The Damage of Broken Links

broken linksWhen it comes to your online presence, every detail counts. In order to succeed as a bail bonds company online, you have to be better than the rest. And broken links will damage your online presence. Broken links will not only cause your site to look abandoned or unmanaged, they will hurt your SEO and ultimately your conversion rates.

What are broken links?

404 error page

Broken linksĀ are simply links that do not take you where you wanted to go. When you click on a broken link you will come to a page with an error message. This is called a “404 error.” Usually it will be accompanied by a few words about why the link is gone (sometimes a humorous quip). But the moral of the story is: The user didn’t get to the page they wanted. So for example, if someone clicks on a link about DWI Bail that leads to your site, but that link is broken, they will receive an error instead of your webpage.

What causes broken links?

Broken links are simply caused by oversight. They are present due to a lack of attention to detail. They can be caused by any of the following scenarios:

  • A web page is moved, but there is no redirect
  • A web page is renamed and there is no change in internal links
  • Your site has links to old content that no longer exists (videos, photos, etc)
  • Your site has links to third parties that have moved their pages, renamed them or simply abandoned them

What damage does this do?

Broken links cause a vast array of damage to your web presence. They damage all of the following things:

  • Your SEO: When Google looks to send users to a website, they want one that is functioning well and is tended to on a regular basis. 404 Errors look like an abandoned site to search engines. And they cause the site crawlers that index your website to stop in their tracks and leave.
  • Your Bounce Rate: When a person visits your website, Google tracks how long they spend on that page. If they leave quickly (a high bounce rate) Google assumes your site did not provide them the information they needed and Google will ding your rankings. If you have a broken link someone will obviously “bounce” away quickly from that page, damaging your rankings.
  • Your Conversion: If someone needs bail, they need it quickly. And they will not wait around to find a web page of yours that does work. If they find an error instead of the information they needed, they will quickly move on to your competitor.

How can I fix broken links?

If you fear you have broken links (or you are simply uncertain of how to even find your broken links) do not despair! There is hope! Broken links are easily fixed through redirects and simply removing old links. We offer this as part of our ongoing SEO services. And the best way to solve broken links is to never allow them to happen in the first place. When you have the team at Bail Webmasters manage your web presence you can rest assured that we will keep an eye on your site to ensure broken links never happen in the first place.

Call today to rid your site of broken links and to prevent them from occurring in the future.