Can Google be outsmarted?

Tricking Google

tricking GoogleThere is a lot of buzz going around that if you use this trick or that trick, you’ll gain the favor of Google and somehow wind up on the first page. While years ago this might have been true, that certain tricks would send your site soaring up the rankings, today is a completely different story. Google has grown wise to almost every trick you can think of, and has a filter waiting for you to break the rules. They are looking for spammers, and one of the ways they identify spammers is because they use ‘tricks’ to attempt to gain rankings. That is why what used to work great, will now land you behind bars at Google.

Dual Site Violation

copyFor example, did you know that it is a Google violation to have two web sites for the same business? They are looking for more than one web site that share things such as a business name, address, phone number, etc. They are even looking at the information you put down when you registered your domain name to find out who you are.

When a person at Google calls your business, do you answer your phone with your company name? If you’re advertising on your site as “Team Florida” but you answer the phone saying “Bob’s Plumbing, how can I help you?” that is a tip off and will be marked against you.

Keyword Stuffing

justiceAnother example is keyword density. Companies previously used this tactic by stuffing tons of keywords into small amounts of content. Today that’s a great way to get yourself in trouble! You can repeat keywords, but it must be in a natural way. If it looks unnatural or doesn’t read just right, it is probably going to trigger a penalty from Google. If it looks like you’re trying to go for that keyword, it’s likely going to be marked against you.

If you think you can outsmart Google, do yourself a favor and don’t even try. They have seen it all, and your greatest idea has been used by thousands of people before. There is almost positively a filter already created for the very trick you think will game the system.

White Hat SEO

doing business the right waySometimes small businesses will spam their sites to the point of no return. They have destroyed their domain’s reputation with Google to the point that it will take years of cleanup work to get back in good graces. This is why we are white hat SEO professionals and seek to do things right in the eyes of Google. We want our clients to be rewarded for years to come, and that can only be done through honest clean websites with real value. Each of our sites have dozens of high quality pages with professionally written unique content. Along with that, we provide a proper presence on the web, such as social media, popular directories and on-site optimization done right. We don’t take shortcuts, because our goal isn’t to just get a quick ranking, but to build a site that flourishes in the long run as well.

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