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How Social Media Helps Your SEO

Wondering if social media will help your business? You may think it’s not worth the hassle, but a solid social media presence can go a long way in helping to improve your SEO. Here are just a few ways how social media helps your SEO.[Read the Full Article]

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Optimizing Your Site for Quick Searches

When your potential customers are in search of bail bonds services, they are typically trying to get help as soon as possible. Given the nature of what you do, you know that customers can’t be limited by how or when they find you. This is why[Read the Full Article]

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4 Rookie Social Media Marketing Mistakes

We see social media everywhere. “Follow us on Facebook and Twitter!” “Join us on Instagram!” “Connect to us on LinkedIn!” The advertising has become so commonplace that it’s easy to ignore. That’s why you need to differentiate your bail bond company from the others who are[Read the Full Article]

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Year End Special

Call 1.866.362.3378 today! Are you tired of being beat out by your competition on Google? Are you interested in improving your ranking so your website gets more clicks and in turn you gain more calls? Then take advantage of our fantastic Year End Special. For[Read the Full Article]

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Client Highlight

Design. Content. Mapping. Social Media. Webmasters Here at Bail Webmasters, we are passionate about helping our clients dominate in their local market for important keywords. We work on every component of their web presence including design, content, mapping, social media and more! We are full[Read the Full Article]

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An Update to Google’s Algorithm

Mobile Friendly Matters Google is constantly updating their algorithm (the method they use to determine rankings of sites) and in April they will be releasing an update that emphasizes the need for a mobile friendly site. If your website is not playing by the rules[Read the Full Article]

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Breakdown of SEO and Content Marketing

Understanding SEO & Content Marketing When you are a bail bonds company owner and you are looking for ways to boost your online presence, you likely encounter terms and concepts that are foreign. Your specialty is bail not internet marketing and the people trying to[Read the Full Article]

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What is PPC?

If you have investigated internet marketing for your bail bond company, you likely have heard of PPC. So what is a PPC campaign? PPC stands for pay per click and refers to the results that are paid to show up on Google. When someone searches[Read the Full Article]

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