Does our Service Include SEO?

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the #1 question on all of our potential client’s minds is “Does your service include SEO?”  If it is not, or if they’ve never even heard of SEO, they’re leaving the door wide open for scam artists masquerading as website services to come in and wreck havoc on their company’s online presence!

seo 01Our answer is easy – “Yes!  Our Service includes SEO… in fact, Search Engine Optimization is our specialty!”

In the very same office you call to ask questions about our services, we have a full staff of content writers, blog writers, web designers, webmasters, photographers and videographers!  We are based in America – When you call or e-mail us, you will recieve a real human response!  It’s the only way to make sure the client can quickly and painlessly request updates or changes to their websites.

Beware of Scam SEO Services

If you’ve ever seen an advertisement by a website service offering SEO as an “add-on” or as a “bonus”, chances are it will be ineffective.  If you’ve ever seen a website service offer “instant results” or “one-click set up” for SEO, it’s most likely using a dirty method that Google WILL notice… and WILL outright ban your website for.

The worst part?  You may spend THOUSANDS of dollars to learn these lessons the hard way.

seo 02When you hire a website service who derives profitability based on how fast they can shove a site out the door, little details get overlooked.  Some little steps are skipped.  Some lines of code are left on the table in favor of a two-minute shortcut.  As a result, your stunning website loaded with affordable extras is online an entire month ahead of schedule!  Now it’s time to start climbing the mountain to get to the top… the top of Mount Search Results.

Imagine each of these little “time savers” as sandbags your website has to carry on it’s back as it climbs to the top of a mountain.  Not just one or two… dozens:  Each one weighing more or less than it’s neighbor.  Sure, you get to start your trip to the top of the mountain a month early… but that’s a month spent making extremely slow progress.

Expensively slow progress.  Your website is top-heavy, making progress is awkward, never a straight line up, and you’re so covered up by sandbags that people who DO see your website aren’t really sure about what it is you do under all of those shortcuts.

What does a site look like with Excellent SEO Optimization?  Well…

Excellent SEO Comes From Great Planning

One motto from our parade of company optimisms is “Every Little Detail of Every Little Thing”.  These seven little words are a reminder of the amount of work and effort that’s required to get the best results possible for a website’s search engine optimization.  It takes time, and there are a hundred steps MINIMUM to perform before your site has “acceptable” search optimization.

seo 03Knowing how each little gear fits together in the grand scale of the machine imparts a respect for every little detail.  It’s the difference between hiking up a mountain on foot, over-encumbered by bags of sand and racing up the mountain in a muscle car… on a highway… with no posted speed limits.

Long-term, having a website that is Organically-optimized saves far more money than a website who’s primary source of traffic and new business is Pay Per Click (PPC).  Organically-optimized websites rise to the top of search results with general keywords like “coffee”, “donuts”, and “bail bonds”.  Organically-optimized websites can be found by potential clients who don’t even know the name of your business, where it’s located or what your .com address is!

We Speak SEO – The Language of Google

Google has it’s own language when it comes to determining which websites out there are most likely to give it’s users “A Great User Experience”.  They look at EVERYTHING:

  1. Do you have a Google+ Business Page?
  2. Is it verified?
  3. Is there a link to your website on your Google+ Business Page?
  4. Is it verified?
  5. Do you have pictures uploaded to your Google+ Business Page?
  6. How many?
  7. What is shown in the pictures?
  8. Do you link users to your Google+ Business Page from your .com?
  9. Do you link users on your site to other pages on your site?
  10. Where ELSE do you link users to from your site?
  11. Where ELSE are users finding links to your site?
  12. Did you put those links there?
  13. Did you know those links were there?
  14. Have you had enough yet?

seo 04That’s over a dozen steps involved just to answer very basic questions about the status of your Google+ Business Page… it doesn’t even cover the steps involved with creating the page, images, or verifying any of the information you submit.  It doesn’t even BEGIN to cover all of the steps involved with making a website SEO friendly.

We speak the language of Google – We do all of these steps (and hundreds of others) for all of our clients every day!  We are constantly educating ourselves on new methods to improve site visibility and on the latest trends spreading throughout the web.

Best of all… at any time, if you have any questions… all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us.  Like – RIGHT NOW!