How to Get More Online Reviews

Online Reviews Matter

thumbs upAs a bail company a large amount of your client basis comes from online leads. And in today’s tech savvy world, online reviews matter greatly to the success of your business. People increasingly care about the opinion of previous clients. And consumers are much more likely to choose to work with a business that is highly reviewed online. Conversely, if your company does not have any reviews people will be leery to trust your business. They want to pick someone who appears trustworthy and well established.

Map Results and Reviews

rating starsReviews have increased in importance due to the implementation of reviews into map results. When someone Google’s bail bonds in your area, they will not only see a list of local businesses, they will also see the rating those businesses have from customer reviews. Google prominently displays the number of stars your business has received, if any, and the number of reviews. The consumer can also click through to read those reviews.

Getting New Reviews

Since reviews are undoubtedly important to your business, and are only increasing in their importance, the question remains: How do you get new reviews? The following are all tips on gaining more reviews online:

1) Provide superior service: One of the simplest ways to receive positive online reviews is to be the best at what you do. When you provide quality bail bonds for your clients, they will be happy to share about your company in a good light.

2) Ask satisfied clients for reviews: Though this may seem apparent, it is important to actually ask happy clients for a review. When someone is happy with your service, feel free to remind them about how helpful it is for you to have a positive Google review. This will also keep all your bondsmen accountable for the service they provided. Keep in mind it is never ok to pay customers for positive reviews or offer incentives (this violates Google and Yelp’s guidelines).

3) Continue the conversation: Don’t end the conversation after services end. Continue to engage your clients through social media and blogging. This will not only keep you fresh in their mind if they need bail again, it also provides an opportunity for them to talk about you online in a positive light and engage in an ongoing conversation with your company.

4) Use your reviews to your benefit: Once you have positive reviews, use them to your benefit. Our SEO company will help you use reviews in a myriad of important ways to increase your SEO and lead conversion.

Give us a call today to discuss how our SEO company can help your bail bond company dominate online and use reviews to benefit your business!