The Importance of Silo Pages

Silo Page StructureMany bail websites are constructed with a few pages and an excess of blog posts. The problem with this method is that too much quality content is going towards blog posts, rather than the website itself. It is important for bail bondsman to realize that not everything should be presented through the medium of a blog post. For bail bonds content organization callĀ 866-362-3378. An intuitive site structure is important for both SEO and branding purposes.

At Bail Webmasters, we design our websites using a hierarchical site structure. Through keyword research, we determine main pages and sub pages, so that content can be efficiently distributed throughout the entirety of the website. The sub pages, or silo pages, are more specific services that can be broken down as a sub category. For example, Bail Services would be considered a main page, or parent page, while Traffic Violation Bail would be a sub page, or silo page, underneath the Bail Services umbrella.

Content for Blog Posts

While it’s not optimal to waste too much good content on blog posts, there still needs to be a regular influx of blog activity to keep search engines and their users, engaged with your website. Try to make your blog posts a bit more informal than a regular website page. You can incorporate current events and topics into your blog posts, and relate them to the bail industry. Here are some additional ideas for blog posts:

  • Case Studies
  • Profiles/Interviews
  • Poll/Research
  • Promotions/Giveaways
  • Top 5 or Top 10 Lists

Getting an idea of what content should be blogged and what should be included on your website, takes time. The most important steps to take occur before your website is ever launched. By building a silo site structure, you can implement a variety of sub categories that can be properly marketed as niche entities. With so much information being part of your primary website, blogs will be reserved for less formal information.

Silo Page Structure

Silo pages allow bondsman to diversify their keyword rankings. While a fair amount of people would be searching “bail bondsman in city,state”, many others will be searching for specific offenses like “DUI bail in city,state”, “domestic abuse bail in city,state”, etc., and your site should have a silo page for each of them. If content like this is used for blog posts, rather than silo pages, you are holding back the SEO potential of your website. Some of the SEO benefits to Silo pages include:

  • Index Expansion: Create more SERP appearances by having more pages indexed
  • Intuitive Structure: Make it simple for users to jump from page to page
  • Keyword Diversity: Rank for various keywords, instead of just a few main ones
  • Simultaneous Marketing: Market to niches, while also marketing to broader targets

There is no downside to using silo pages for your bail agent website. If properly optmized, these pages will help your search optimization, exponentially. The ability to attract different groups of customers to the same website, is invaluable. At Bail Webmasters, we design each of our websites with silo structure, and do everything possible to help improve your website ranking on Google search results. For bail bonds silo page structure, give us a call atĀ 866-362-3378