Keywords & SEO: What it means today

The Evolution of the Keyword

keys hangingKeywords have played an intrical role in optimization for years. And they continue to evolve as Google updates their algorithms and improves their ability to weed out bad content in lieu of good. Keywords for a long time have been abused and manipulated to try to trick the system. So the question remains, what do keywords and SEO have to do with each other? What does it mean today to properly employ keywords?

Related & Connected Ideas

Originally keyword abuse began because keywords were a way Google decided what your page was about. People took this idea to an extreme and began stuffing their pages with the repetitive use of a keyword phrase. For example, if you were a bail bondsman in Phoenix you may have a page filled with the phrase “bail bondsman in Phoenix” again and again and again. But keyword stuffing was not paired with proper, in depth content. Instead, these stuffed keywords took up the bulk of the page.

That is not the content Google wants for its users. Instead, Google has been on the hunt for quality, in-depth content. And today they are good at finding it. Through their algorithms they are now able to look for more than just the use of keywords. They can see related and connected ideas.

gavel and booksThis is called semantic connectivity. Semantic connectivity┬árefers to the idea that a page of in-depth content will contain a myriad of related ideas to the keywords. So if you have a page about “How to Make Bail” it should say more than just the repeated phrase “how to make bail.” It should also contain important connected ideas such as posting bail, getting out of jail, bail bonds and more. Basically Google can scan the content for related ideas that should exist. They want the page to answer questions that are related to the keywords and provide useful, authoritative information.

If you are interested in learning more about the idea of semantic connectivity check out this Moz Blog Whiteboard Friday edition which discusses it in depth. Or give us a call to learn about how keywords and SEO matter to your bail bond site. We will help you learn what keywords mean today and our professional writers will implement proper content SEO for your bail bond company.