What is PPC?

PPC resultsIf you have investigated internet marketing for your bail bond company, you likely have heard of PPC. So what is a PPC campaign? PPC stands for pay per click and refers to the results that are paid to show up on Google. When someone searches for bail and they see the results with the word “ad” next to them that show up on the very top of the screen and along the side, those are PPC ads.

As the name implies you pay for every click you garner through PPC.

Which is better, Organic SEO or PPC?

old clockBail companies often wonder, which is a better investment of my money, organic SEO or PPC campaigns? The answer is both in different ways. Organic SEO refers to the results that show up due to a proper web presence. These results are not there because of a payment, they are there because Google sees them as the best site to show to its searchers.

And organic results do not require any payment for clicks. Every lead is “free.” In that sense, organic is a much better long term investment. But organic SEO takes time. You cannot build a web presence overnight.

We recommend PPC campaigns for bail companies for short term visibility. While we build an organic presence, we can help you target important keywords through your PPC campaign. A campaign managed by our expert team will yield better results and give you the best return on your marketing dollar.

Talk to us today about how to boost your online visibility through a combination of PPC and organic SEO.