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8 Bail Bond Blog Topics That Can Increase Conversions in 2020

Regardless of the industry, every website out there should have a blog. This is because, regardless of the service or product being offered, a blog is a great way to generate organic traffic that comes to your website.

This is especially true for bail bonds websites since they can no longer advertise on Google Ads or Facebook Ads. That makes organic SEO that much more important and content marketing through blog posts is a big part of search optimization.

When covering bail bond blog topics, it is important to cover a comprehensive range of topics, but it is even more important to be knowledgeable and authoritative. Having that authoritative voice is the key to bringing in readers that may not have bothered with your website previously.

Here are bail bond blog topics that can help get you going, leading to the organic traffic that your website has been after.

Bail Bond Blog Topics Graphic

1) Assessing Jails in The Area

When it comes to creating bail bond blog topics, there are times where touching on the unfortunate realities associated with the situation can be vital. After all, there is a reason that these people are coming to your website – they need a bail bond service.

Giving the reader a better understanding of the jails in the area is one of the more common bail bond blog topics, allowing for a better sense of understanding as to how those area jails work. This is one of those bail bond blog topics that can provide peace of mind to the reader in times of uncertainty.

2) How to Choose The Best Attorney

The bail bond process is just one portion of the process. One of the great bail bond blog topics is explaining to the reader how to choose the proper attorney. Lawyers are rarely a one-size-fits-all kind of solution and having the specific type of defender can be highly beneficial to the reader.

This is one of those bail bond blog topics that can speak to the real situations out there, providing a sense of understanding that some readers will need as they search for a dependable bond service. Keep the topics relatable to make for the best and most relevant reads.

3) Choosing Between a Public Defender and Private Lawyer

Compared to previous bail bond blog topics, this one is a bit more on the specific side of things. Again, not every legal situation is the same and there are different requirements and needs for each specific case.

Great bail bond blog topics will cover a variety of scenarios in a general sense yet maintain the level of detail that applies to the person reading. Most people don’t know the difference between a public defender and a private lawyer aside from the price.

This is one of those bail bond blog topics where you can get comprehensive and detailed, covering many situations and scenarios that relate to the target audience.

4) Explaining an Arrest to a Child

The case with the most quality bail bond blog topics is to strike a note with the audience. Bring up scenarios and situations that they can relate to other than the fact that they’re looking for a bail bond service.

Bringing up the tough situation of explaining an arrest to a child is one of those bail bond blog topics that really hit a personal note if the person reading it has been in a situation like this or know someone who has.

Knowing what to say can be difficult and being provided with a bit of a guiding hand to the target audience can be enough to have them referring your business to others.

5) Bail Bond Payment Options

What better bail bond blog topics than covering the ways that payment can be made? After all, your bail bond business is looking to generate revenue and the customer needs a way to get bail bonds in short order.

Make it as easy as possible on the user. Help them find the appropriate payment options so that they have a clear understanding of how to pay and when taking the guesswork out of at least one portion of the process. This can help provide a bit of peace of mind in an otherwise uncertain situation.

6) Common Terms in the Criminal Justice System

Let’s face facts: there are a ton of terms out there in the criminal justice system that leaves us staring blankly. One of the best bail bond blog topics out there is covering the variety of language and lingo that can be found in the justice system.

This can help better prepare someone when dealing with the criminal justice system on their own or helping someone they know. Again, provide that helpful, authoritative voice and they will come to you whenever they have a problem or need to know something you can show them.

7) Understanding Your Right to Remain Silent

Far too many people do not understand their most basic of rights. A great way to cover a litany of bail bond blog topics is to explain what the rights of the defendant are. The right to remain silent is one of those laws that most do not get when it comes to the impact it has on them.

Break down the legal aspect of situations such as these in a way that any audience can understand. That will provide your audience with peace of mind and a more comfortable understanding of both the process and the rights that they have.

8) Why Bail Bonds are The Most Affordable Option

Despite all the bail bond blog topics out there, the most relatable is finding yourself in a situation where an arrest occurred, and the next step seems so uncertain. Being able to provide experiences, testimonies, and examples surrounding the bail bond process is a great idea.

Make the situation relatable, letting the reader know that they are not alone in situations such as these. That realistic approach is what will bring in readers and provide them with a level of trust in your voice and service.