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Why Lori Vallow-Daybell May Have a Bail Bonds Problem

Lori Vallow Daybell Bail Cover

Lori Vallow-Daybell has made quite the name for herself in recent months. The mother of two missing Idaho children is facing felony charges of desertion and nonsupport.

Lori Vallow-Daybell Faces Bail Troubles

Despite the fact that the judge in the Lori Vallow-Daybell case lowered the bail from $5 million to $1 million, it appears that some bail bonds companies are not willing to take her on as a client. This began with at least two bail bonds businesses declining to work with her.

This is quite the turn of events considering the fact that many believed she would post bail back on Friday night, hours after the lower bond was determined. But as of this writing, Lori Vallow-Daybell is still behind bars.

L. Dominic Sanone is the President of Dewey’s Bail Bonds Inc and takes calls throughout the day from potential clients from all over the Salt Lake Valley. He explained the issues facing Vallow and why she may not be bailed out.

“I would assume that the companies in Rexburg are used to writing $1,500 bails, and maybe $10,000 is a large bond,” Sanone said. “It’s a small city.”

The biggest is that some bail bonds businesses just don’t have enough insurance to cover a high $1 million bond when something like a $10,000 bond might be pushing their limits. That’s not even taking into account the hoops that need to be jumped through when it comes to ensuring the person can pay the bail fee and offer up collateral.

There is also the potential of a defendant being a flight risk. Given that Vallow and Daybell disappeared the day after police visited their home, it seems like a valid concern to wonder if Vallow would disappear after posting bail.

In the event that Vallow bonds out, she would have to follow court-ordered restrictions that include staying within a 4-county perimeter as well as wearing an ankle monitor to track her location at all times. Even with these things, it does not stop the potential of her taking off when free.

As of now, the bail fee for Lori Vallow-Daybell’s case is $100,000 or 10% of the bond. This means the collateral would need to be substantial, meaning the bondsman would need close to $1 million in collateral to take on that kind of bond.

And then there is the matter of not wanting to take on the case due to the nature of the details. With the death of Daybell’s wife and the two missing children, it might not be worth the negative publicity to take on the bond.

All of this means that it is very unlikely that Vallow makes bail and will face her trial from behind bars in the most likely scenarios. Still, she continues to be confident and defiant despite the situation. As we learn more details, things will no doubt take a few more turns.

What’s the Story?

Joshua “JJ”, 7 years old, and Tylee Ryan, 17 years old, have been missing since September. Lori Vallow-Daybell and her new husband Chad had been living in Hawaii without their missing children since early December with the two getting married just weeks before.

If that isn’t suspicious enough, the wedding took place just two weeks after Daybell’s wife – to whom he had been married for 30 years – died under suspicious circumstances.

An Idaho court then asked Lori Vallow-Daybell to bring the children to authorities in Rexburg, Idaho. After ignoring the court order to produce the kids, she was arrested on February 20th in Kauai, Hawaii and her bail was set at an astounding $5 million.

To make matters worse for herself, Vallow lied when authorities asked her about the whereabouts of her missing son and then were no longer at their home when police returned the very next day.

Suspicious Deaths

If the case of the missing children – and the seemingly indifferent mother – weren’t enough to bring attention to the case, there are three deaths tied to both Vallow and her new husband Chad since the couple came together.

Daybell’s wife Tammy died in October with her obituary stating it was from natural causes. The police questioned this and had her body exhumed, though the results have not yet been released on that matter.

In April, Vallow’s brother Alex Cox would fatally shoot Charles Vallow. In case you couldn’t guess it, Vallow was the ex-husband of Lori Vallow. The scene was described as an act of self-defense during a confrontation as Lori and the children were leaving Charles and the area. The police were investigating the case when they found Cox unresponsive in December when he would soon pass away.

Leaked Emails

If all of that weren’t crazy enough, there were leaked emails last week that revealed that Chad Daybell had sent Lori Vallow about the “seven missions to accomplish together.” These ideas included “translating ancient records, writing a book about it, identifying locations in Arizona for ‘white camps,’ the presidency of the Church of Firstborn, establish food distribution as the tribulations start, ordain individuals to translation and provide supplies to righteous members of families.”

Causing a Stir in Court

Since then, Vallow-Daybell has created some issues for herself by seeming “smug” and “confident” in court. This is especially surprising given the fact that she has two children missing for the last six months. Observers noted Vallow walk into the courtroom smiling, looking totally relaxed.

In a court case of any kind, this would indicate arrogance but in a case with missing children involved, one would assume that the mother should be showing some kind of concern. Instead, she looks smug and happy whereas the grandparents of the children looked concerned.

More so, Vallow is showing defiance when she walks into the courtroom. She holds her chin up, showing confidence and cockiness, giving off the aura that she feels that she is innocent and has done nothing wrong. Again, with missing children involved, this seems like a wholly inappropriate response to the situation.

The Plight of Bail Bondsmen & Bondswomen

Sometimes bail companies take on clients that are not ideal to work with. But in this case, the issue is complicated by the set bail number along with insurance coverage. Bail companies can educate potential clients about what their standards and practices are through digital marketing. Bail Webmasters helps bail agents with SEO and website design, but more so than that, we help them with marketing their company based on the morals and principles they hope to permeate throughout their communities.

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How To Generate Bail Bond Leads in 2020

Buy Bail Bond Leads

You are probably wondering how to promote a bail bonds company after Google banned PPC bail ads. You may be out of advertising ideas and even may be questioning whether investing in bail bonds can continue to be a profitable business. Luckily, there is a bail bonds network that still exists online, as long as you are able to optimize your brand through SEO. By investing in SEO services you can essentially buy leads for your bail bond business.

Bail Bond Leads Graphic

What Bail Bondsmen Need To Know

Generating bail bond leads is the lifeblood of your business. Leads become customers and without a consistent stream of new customers, your business ceases to exist.

Generating bail bond leads is similar to many other small businesses out there. The industry is crowded, and fighting for the same market share in that limited geographical region can present a challange.

So, how can you generate bail bond leads for your business, keeping it growing at a consistent rate? There are a few effective methods that you should be following. Before long, you will begin to see a steady growth that will keep your business going strong.

Conversion-Focused Websites

The idea of your website is a really simplistic one: you want to draw traffic to it so that potential customers can decide on using your business. When creating bail bond leads, it is important to have a website that is focused on converting those leads.

Your website is often the first impression that potential customers get when it comes to your business. This is why it is so important to have a design that is focused on converting visitors when they are the fence about making a decision.

Clarity is the key. Make certain that you are absolutely clear about what it is you do, where you are located, and how customers can contact you. People who are in need of bail bonds don’t want to waste the time trying to understand your branding or attempting to navigate a website that confuses them.

A clean, modern design keeps things simple and instills trust between you and your target audience. That clarity and ease of use are what you need to earn those leads that will keep your bail bond business going strong.

Should you need to explain a more complicated process, use infographics to help generate bail bond leads. Those consumers who are faster moving online tend to get more out of infographics than they do any other type of content.

This is the best way to convey the information necessary without it seeming like a wall of text. It is visually appealing enough that it will grab the attention of your target audience while still providing the necessary information.

Conversion-Friendly Bail Website for Leads

Websites That Produce Conversions Also Generate Bail Leads and Serve as The Foundation for Search Optimization

Maximized Video Content

One of the fastest-growing methods of developing content in order to generate bail bonds leads is to create video content. There have been studies that have shown an increase in conversion rates for bail bond websites when video marketing was used.

A video is an excellent tool because it communicates your message without that potential wall of text that can be off-putting to your target audience. Not everyone wants to read, well, anything. Having a video to inform them makes it far more appealing.

Best of all, you can get creative with the commercials that you make. Generating bail leads can become a bit easier when implementing that strategic video content to your website.

What is great about video is that it is far easier than ever before to create. With the improvement of smartphones and tablets, literally anyone can create a high-quality video with ease and upload it in that same high quality. Creating commercials has never been easier, allowing bail bond companies to create the perfect commercial in a flash.

Reputation Management

Reputation is one of the most important aspects of a business. If you have a poor reputation, you will find it far more difficult to not only get conversions but to generate those bail bond leads that will keep your business booked for the near future.

It should come as no surprise that consumers are checking into the businesses that they plan to use. And why wouldn’t they? A cursory Google search allows us to check into the reputation of a business in just a few short minutes. Even someone in immediate trouble or trying to secure a bond for a family member will likely check out the reviews for a given bail bondsman.

This is a habit for modern customers. Star ratings can dictate which direction a customer will move in and if your business is on the lower end of the spectrum, you could be losing out on customers over the long run.

It should go without saying that positive reviews are a must and you need quite a bit of them. The more the better, especially given that Google and other search engines put heavy emphasis on those positive reviews for their SEO rankings.

When you have a lot of positive reviews, customers feel a sense of trust in your business. This is because those reviews come from actual customers who have used that service before. When the reviews rave about the quality of the business, that just increases that level of trust that the potential customer feels towards that business.

But here’s the thing: negative reviews are okay in small quantity. This is because having 100% positive reviews makes a business seem unrealistic, less human. It’s those few negative reviews that give a business the warts necessary to feel like a real company.

It is how you handle those negative reviews that matter the most. There are far too many businesses that do not respond in a professional manner to negative reviews, instead choosing to take that time to get into fights with those reviewers.

When you can handle a negative review with professionalism, it goes to show potential customers that you are willing to go above and beyond to provide satisfaction. This is the kind of service that can push a business in any industry above and beyond in the eyes of the customer.

Bail Reputation Management for Leads

Reviews on Your Website Boosts Reputation & Provides Social Proof

Mobile-Friendly User Experience

Now more than ever, mobile is the chosen platform for users everywhere. This is because smartphones and tablets have become such commonplace that nearly everyone (or so it seems) has one of those two devices.

This also means that more and more searches are beginning on the mobile platform. So if your website is not equipped for mobile, it is missing out on a serious portion of the crowd. Those websites that aren’t optimized for mobile will likely be passed over by those initiating mobile searches.

Being mobile-friendly is especially important when generating bail bond leads. This is because time is generally of the essence when it comes to bail bonds. There generally isn’t a whole lot of waiting around when it comes to procuring a bail bond for a family member. Being able to search mobile will allow the user to find what they are looking for in short order.

The key to mobile optimization is to make certain that the layout is clean. With smaller screens, a more cluttered website will look clunky on mobile. Keep things simple and you will make it easier on the user to find what they are looking for within your website.

Content Creation & Marketing

In the eyes of Google and other search engines, having informative and authoritative content can go a long way towards shooting your website up the SEO rankings. This is because Google wants to ensure that they are providing the most relative and informative results to those using their search engine.

With content, this is the best way to build that authoritative voice. A blog is a great way to achieve this. You can write about relevant questions that users are asking about the industry and answering them definitively.

This achieves two things. The first is that it makes your website friendlier in the eyes of the search engines. This can help push you to the top of the rankings in your geographical area, giving you the leg up on the competition in this regard.

The second is that it makes your website appointment clicking. Even if someone is on the fence about using your service, they may refer to your website for the answers to questions that they may have had. This helps to drive that organic traffic to your website, creating bail bond leads that can eventually be converted into real dollars towards your bottom line.

Don’t overlook the value of content creation for your website. Especially in a service-based industry like the bail bond industry, it can set you apart in the best of ways. This will draw more eyes to your website and, therefore, your service.

The best way to achieve this is to Google questions that those in your industry may be asking. Take the time to address them thoroughly, hitting the right keywords along the way. This will make your website the authority that all others, both in the industry and outside, will refer to as a reference.

This method also creates the ever-valuable backlinks. Other reputable websites within your industry will then link back to your website because they believe you to be an authority. This can have tremendous impacts not only on your traffic but on your SEO rankings as well. Truly, content is king in situations like this.

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