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How To Promote a Bail Bonds Company in 2020

If you’re wondering how to promote a bail bonds company in 2020, you’re not alone! With the shifting climate and legislation surrounding the bail industry, many companies wonder which advertising mediums are still worth their investment. Some still feel shaken from the loss of Google Ads and Facebook Advertising, which heavily stunted online ad channels for thousands of bail bonds companies!

Thankfully, there are several prime channels (physical and digital) that offer impressive lead-generating potential. We’ve identified a handful of these to investigate for your own bail bonds team. Keep in mind, availability will vary according to your city and business environment. But you can generally find opportunities in these throughout the US.

Let’s get started! 

Physical Asset Promotion

While we’re all about the digital marketing life here at Bail Webmasters, it’s clear that traditional mediums still have some value left to share. Few advertising mediums permanently disappear. Rather, they experience lulls and resurgences in popularity.  Any channel with a positive ROI is worth investigating. As long as your company message gets in front of receptive people (for the right price), go for it!

Just make sure that to do your own research on ROI and exposure; don’t let the advertising company do it for you. This protects you from over-enthusiastic, sometimes shady marketing companies that promise great results but don’t always deliver. Be sure to examine post-client reviews from local businesses, especially if you don’t have former experience with the firm.


Team, organization, and event sponsorships still provide great exposure. Finding the right opportunities means identifying organizations that naturally fit with your target market. Choosing a broader audience means more people get exposed to your brand. However, it also ensures a costlier sponsorship.

A Chart Showing Costs of Sponsorship Opportunities

Organizations Like ZipSprout Make it Easier to Identify Sponsorships That Suit a Bail Audience.

On the other hand, smaller organizations and events can connect you with a smaller, but highly qualified audiences. You save money, and it’s easier to develop long-term relationships with your sponsored group. While it may require additional effort to research the perfect opportunities for your business, companies like ZipSprout make it easier.

Billboard Exposure

While small-time sponsorships act like a sharpened scalpel in advertising, billboards are more of a blunt instrument. They work incredibly well for broad-level exposure, especially in premium highway settings. With that being said, there’s very little way to control who sees your ad.

Cost of Purchasing a Billboard Ad in Fort Worth

Billboard Pricing Varies By Vendor, Sign Size, and Placement. Image Source: Times OOH Media

They can also be very expensive too, with high-end placements running in the high thousands.

Again, we’re all for advertising channels that continually provide a high ROI. Consider this powerful medium for your company and talk with a local vendor about pricing. You may find a great deal and great exposure!

Digital Marketing Promotion

More than many industries, bail companies depend on a steady stream of leads pouring in from digital channels. Digital marketing provides infinite opportunities to share your brand (and services) with the community. It’s not for the faint of heart however, because digital standards continually evolve. If you want to thrive in the online marketplace, you’ll need to keep up to date on search engine optimization and advertising channels.

For those researching how to promote a bail bonds company online, here are some fantastic ways to generate leads for your business.

Local News (Link and Quote)

One of the most important aspects of growing your digital brand is establishing your company as an industry authority. Backlinks, links on other sites directing people to your website, go a long way to do just that. Links from reputable sources, such as news providers, offer the greatest value for your brand because Google sees them as authoritative entities.

Put simply, getting quoted and linked to by an online news brand provides serious digital brand value!

Try finding some local news providers and asking them for opportunities to provide quotes and get linked. You might talk about bail industry reform or the justice system. Even mentions provide some value towards your ongoing website performance, so it’s worth the effort!

Retargeting Ads

While advertising giants like Google Ads and Facebook worked hard to push bail companies out of digital marketing, there are still plenty of options left on the table. In fact, bail companies can easily track and advertise to their target segments with the use of ad retargeting. This process uses digital cookies to identify website visitors and create banner ads for them in other websites. 

The Process of Ad Retargeting

Retargeting Ads Focus on Already Interested Individuals. Image From ReTargeter

Retargeting provides a high conversion rate because it specifically addresses people who have already visited your website or a competitor’s.

While more costly (in the long-term) than SEO for bail, retargeting offers plenty opportunities to increase your brand exposure. The familiarity it creates with potential clients could be a deciding factor in who they call first during a bail emergency.

Local SEO for Bail

Even before Google Ads ditched the bail industry, the vast majority of consumers only relied on organic search results. In fact, research from 2018 showed that up to 80% of search engine users skipped straight to organic results anyway. We’ve certainly grow accustomed to bypassing ads for convenience. While the search giant may not have a vested interest in advertising for the industry, it still has plenty of reason to support search consumers with quality SEO for bail companies.

Your company also has thousands of reasons to pursue a strong performance in local search! With so many leads circulating across the front page of search results, it’s more important than ever before to optimize your website and get ranked. If you’re wondering how to promote a bail bonds company in local search, there are a few key elements to focus on:

  • Your website (obviously)
  • Your Google My Business account
  • Your local listings (BBB, Yelp, etc)
  • Review collection

Web Optimization

Website SEO for Bail

We could spend hours talking about hundreds of itty-bitty optimization details that elevate a bail bonds company above the rest, and we already have. For now, let’s cover the basics again.

A lead-generating website focuses on streamlined navigation, diversified keyword usage, and conversational writing style. Start with a handful of top-level, general category pages. Then create keyword-rich pages for each specific service, and arrange them under the appropriate categories. This strategy allows your bail bonds business to generate more listings in local search, and it creates a healthy boost to your overall Google marketing strategy.

If you’ve been wondering how to promote a bail bonds company on a tighter budget, this is the easiest way to generate cheaper (but still high-quality) leads.


Setting Up Your GMB Account

It’s ironic that one of your most important digital assets should be absolutely free! Google My Business provides free listings for local companies, making it significantly easier to show up in local maps searches. While these listings are free, they do require a small amount of effort to claim and verify. If you haven’t already, sign up for your GMB account and get it verified ASAP!

Optimizing your account is crucial, both for generating leads and increasing conversions.

Make sure you continue to fill out and update your listing information as much as possible. Be sure to sign up for customer direct messaging too. This makes it more convenient for frantic family members and friends of would-be clients to contact your business. Finish off your GMB optimization by uploading pictures of your staff.

Listings & Reviews

Citation Listings & Client Reviews

The most qualified people to promote your bail business are the happy clients of years gone by. That’s why reviews are so essential for growing your online brand. If you’re wondering how to promote a bail bonds company through voices you can’t control, that’s easy. Simply provide outstanding service and provide multiple platforms for your fans to speak from.

Google encourages businesses to draw in feedback from multiple review sources.

For one, this creates multiple links back to your business. Backlinking is a metric used to establish a website’s brand authority and trustworthiness. If you have dozens of reviews pouring in from multiple sites (BBB, Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews, etc.), that’s visible proof of your company’s ongoing activity. The more proof, the more incentive Google has to rank your company over other firms in local search. 

Bringing it All Together

Don’t think of these promotional venues as separate tools. In reality, they all work together to drive potential bail leads to your company. Billboards drive calls to your office, but they also encourage people to Google your business. Sponsorships create new opportunities to help the community, but they also improve people’s perceptions of your brand (online and offline).

No matter what channels you ultimately decide to promote through, make sure your company is ready to receive online leads with a fully optimized website! At Bail Webmasters, we support industry professionals from around the nation. Our custom designed and coded sites produces stronger rankings in local search, and higher-quality leads for businesses just like yours.

If you’d like to learn more about how we produce long-term growth for your business, give us a call at (866) 362-3378.

Is Content Marketing Worth It?

With online marketing, bail companies need address two key players: Google and consumers. Google’s search engine determines who sees a given website, and consumers determine if that website’s services is worth further investigation. To grow a successful bail bonds brand online, you’ll need to develop material that caters to both. That’s where content marketing comes into play!

Content Marketing in a Blog

Answering Popular Consumer Questions Encourages Google to Rank Your Content Higher.

Not only does content marketing create stronger ties with your community, it also creates new reasons for Google to list your bail company in higher ranks. Since Google Ads and Facebook PPC campaigns are no longer options, every bit of organic SEO for bail helps push your company to the top! If you’ve struggled to make headway in your local search results, be sure to pay close attention.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation, distribution, and management of content designed to engage customers with your brand without overtly selling them. In other words, it’s the process of connecting with your target market by providing them with valuable information. Now content marketing made it’s big debut around 5 years ago, and thousands of companies benefit from it. Nevertheless, countless businesses still struggle to understand why they should invest the time and money necessary to produce engaging content.

After all, this category of content isn’t designed to sell. That’s a hard pill for many to swallow. Before we can talk about how to create a client-drawing content marketing campaign, we have to understand the benefits of the activity.

How Can Content Marketing Help?

  • Through informative content, bail companies draw interested people to their website (and social).
  • More content means more keywords, creating additional phrases to rank for.
  • Well-crafted material increases your brand’s authority (see E-A-T), encouraging higher ranks.
  • By answering questions well enough, bail experts can earn featured listings in SERPs.
  • Bail topics can naturally lead into applicable services, creating more phone calls.
Content Marketing Through an Informative Blog

Formatting Makes All the Difference in a Reader’s Ability to Digest Your Information.

It’s a Big, Big Content Marketing World

if you’re wanting to see real world applications of how content marketing helps business, just examine the countless industry leaders who continue to produce informative blogs, videos, case studies, and consumer how-to guides. It’s a big, big content marketing world, and there’s so much opportunity to gain exposure for your bail company brand.

The key is understanding the sort of information matters most to your given target market, then delivering that content in a format they can easily absorb.

Now, there are a lot of bail bonds agents out there in the United States. If you operate in a major city or metropolitan area, odds are you’re already competing with a handful. There’s great news, however! You don’t have to have a perfect (or even an elaborate) marketing strategy. It simply needs to be better than your competition. See what sort of bar your rivals have set, then exceed it!

Content Marketing Strategy

Now that we have our purpose and general methodology in mind, we can move forward with developing a tailored content marketing strategy. Your tactics must be specifically aligned with your average client profile and/or other consumer segments. If you deal with a lot of petty theft cases involving teens, it makes sense to produce content specifically targeted towards that age range (or their parents).

Next, you’ll need to understand what media channels your target consumer regularly enjoys. This could take a little digging! In general, visual media channels like Instagram and YouTube appeal to younger audiences, while Facebook and Twitter cater to slightly older audiences.

A Content Marketing Research Tool

The People Also Ask Feature Offers a Great Starting Place for Your Keyword Research.

Once you find out where your future clients spend the most time, try reading some of the most commonly asked questions they have. One great way to research these questions is Google’s “People also ask” feature in search engine results pages. Simply type in a question that you’ve heard clients ask on a regular basis, and see if consumers are asking related questions in organic search. You can also find help keyword-related phrases from Answer the Public, a wonderful research tool for content marketing.

Content Marketing: Where to Start

  • Analyze your average client profile, including their media consumption.
  • Begin with formats that you’re comfortable with, then gradually expand.
  • Find the hot topics and questions people are talking about.
  • Develop content specifically designed to address these questions and concerns.
  • Leverage your industry experience, but don’t pitch your services until the very end.
  • Find out where you can share the content for added impact.
  • Pick your most popular content and try updating it each year.

Content Creation

Blogging is by far the easiest content marketing medium to start with. You don’t need an advanced degree in journalism or English to produce an 800 word post on bailing out of a misdemeanor drug possession. In fact, most marketing experts recommend writing your content at a 9th grade reading level! 

Remember, you’re catering to both Google and your target audience.

Keyword Research for Content Marketing

Find Your Winning Keywords and Phrases. (Snapshot Taken in SEMrush.)

The easiest way to please both camps is to do your keyword research. Take your popular topic, find a mid-to-high volume keyword, then collect a handful of supporting keywords and phrases! When you incorporate these words naturally into your conversation, it provides direction for your readers and Google alike. That’s a winning combination for your bail bonds SEO!

When you’ve gotten some content marketing experience under your belt, try your hand at crafting some basic YouTube videos. The goal is still the same, to provide informative content for your target market. However, video provides valuable opportunities to subtly introduce team members and aspects of your business. How-to guides are a very hot commodity in YouTube, and you can easily share this material on your company website, Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter profiles. Sharing content is an important part of getting the most bang for your marketing buck, so be sure to share consistently!

Finding Your Online Success

So is content marketing worth it? Absolutely! The added exposure for brands, plus the boosted SEO for bail company websites makes it the perfect low-cost way to grow your business. With that being said, we know that bail agents are busy people.

That’s why our team at Bail Webmasters is here to help. For everything from optimized website design to traffic-building content marketing, our team provides outstanding results to bail companies all over the US! More traffic, better leads. What’s not to love?

Learn more about our services by calling us at (866) 362-3378!

Rejuvenate Your Bail SEO – 3 Website Performance Tips

It’s been over a year since bail PPC died, and bond companies still struggle to put together a healthy online marketing plan. Most simply like the expertise and experience to pull off a sophisticated organic strategy. That doesn’t mean your online marketing has to suffer! You can jumpstart your company website performance with just a handful of simple bail SEO tips.

Why struggle any longer?

Let’s dive into 5 website performance tips that can help your business start climbing the ranks again! If your bail company has struggled to recover from the loss of PPC ads, be sure to read along closely. For those who haven’t read our guide on transitioning from PPC to SEO, we highly recommend checking out that article too.

How Google My Business Affects Website Performance

Make it Easier for Google to Trust Your Business. Get Your GMB Account. Source: Google My Business

Tip #1: Start With Your Listings

Believe it or not (you should), one of the most influential factors for website performance isn’t actually on your website. Because Google ultimately controls your brands visibility online, it makes sense to take advantage of every tool they have to offer. We suggest starting with Google My Business!

No other listing source will impact your local search visibility as strongly as GMB.

If you haven’t already, fill it out and do it completely. In exchange for this information, Google will significantly enhance your listing with location, communication, and service information. Just make sure that this address is the same one you eventually use for all your other citation sources, such as the Better Business Bureau. Google is pretty sensitive when it comes to discrepancies between business addresses, even if it’s a simple difference in abbreviation!

You may also look to paid services like Yelp and Angie’s List to further promote your brand. While paid citation companies aren’t always the most dependable source of leads, they can certainly help your bail SEO efforts. They’ll also provide an invaluable influx of reviews, which takes us to our next hint.

Tip #2: Ask for Client Reviews

Many, many bail bonds agents make the terrible mistake of never asking for reviews. Apart from shunning your free GMB listing, not asking for reviews is the closest thing to shooting your business in the foot. Consumers depend on feedback more than ever, and Google sees reviews as a sign of your company’s trustworthiness.

Considering the stressful situations bail clients routinely find themselves in, kindly-worded reviews could make all the difference between curious readers and actual clients.

A List of Reviews, One Aspect of Website Performance

Customer Reviews Convey a Sense of Dependability and Accountability. Manage Them Carefully!

While bail SEO certainly extends beyond 5 star feedback from local consumers, an extensive collection of positive reviews takes away one more reason for a potential client to say “No.” They also make impressive displays on your company website, adding credibility to both your services and operational area. Find a way to carefully incorporate them into your company website, and you’ll likely notice a steady rise in local search rankings!

We highly recommend our Righteous Reviews (RR) because of the tool’s geotagging capability. Most reputation management systems get crudely tacked on. RR is custom-integrated every website we produce. Sorry to self-promote, but we’re pretty proud of our creation!

Bottom line: find a strategy to consistently collect and utilize your reviews. It’s worth the effort! All the reassuring content in the world can’t replace the impact of positive customer feedback. Speaking of content…

Tip #3: Get Serious About Content

Take all the written material, images, infographics, and headers planted across your website. This is your content. Content plays two key roles in the marketing of your services:

  • It signals to Google what type of services you provide.
  • It proves your subject authority to clients and addresses their top concerns.

The most prominent bail companies on Google typically do a fantastic job with both of these content roles. Those who fall by the website almost inevitably struggle with one or the other. That begs the question: How can your business cater to both bail SEO principles and readers?

Hot Questions to Be Used for Premium Website Performance

If You Really Want Your Content to Take Off, Try Answering Hot Consumer Questions. Source: AnswerthePublic

Gather Your Keywords, Lot’s of Them

Want something that will automatically set your business apart from other bail companies? Create a diverse collection of keywords for your content. Don’t just chase after the high-volume, high-competition words that every other agent craves. You’ll certainly have opportunity to utilize those words and slowly rank up for them over time.

In addition to those primary keywords (ex: “bail bonds”), you also want a long roster of secondaries (ex: “DUI bail services”).

Secondary keywords may not feature the same premium search volume, but they also involve less competition. Even if a single secondary keyword only nets you one to two leads every month, a large collection of them often provides substantial website performance growth throughout the year. You can thrive off of these keywords while your brand gradually ranks higher for primaries.

Team Up With Bail Webmasters

At Bail Webmasters, we’re all about taking your online marketing to the next level in local search rankings and lead generation. Our team serves clients all over the country, providing sustained growth in some of the most demanding markets. If you’d like to learn more about bail SEO and other forms of digital marketing, we’d love to talk with you.

Call (866) 362-3378 and ask for a free consultation with one of our specialists from Bail Webmasters!

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