The search engines are changing in 2014

There is a lot going on at Google in 2014, including the major Pigeon update that rolled out on July 24th. This update alone constitutes an array of changes on optimization, in efforts to bring their visitors more accurate and relevant search results. Locality is being considered more than ever, which makes your local optimization campaign more important than ever. Not having proper local accounts and optimization in place is a problem that webmasters can no longer ignore. Proper schema coding are vitally important in helping Google pin down your business location. Having proper local accounts setup with NAP continuity is an important factor used in determining your rankings. Quality content is becoming more and more important in overall ranking success. Many web sites have content issues which lead to various ranking penalties and make a negative impact on your rankings. Content cannot be copied off other sites, it shouldn’t be stuffed with keywords, or even have your primary keywords in certain areas too many times. It’s easy to fall into hands of a Google filter just by having your city mentioned too many times among your header tags, or in your anchor text for too many internal links.

Social media is also playing more of a role in your rankings than ever before. It isn’t enough to just have a web site in today’s world; you need an established social media presence as well. Google is looking at your social media campaigns to see if you are providing your customers with the best experience in today’s market. Part of our ongoing service is staying ahead of the curve with our client’s social media accounts. We’ll make sure you have properly setup Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as Google Plus. Then we make sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are posted to regularly, which shows that you are making an ongoing effort to play a part in the social media landscape.

At Bail Bond Sites, we are SEO professionals who stay on top of the latest algorithm updates as they are rolled out. We believe that having a well-structured web site with quality content is the first and foremost ingredient to a successful ranking campaign, then attention to details will boost those rankings. If you become a client of ours, our team of web professionals will work hard to design and build the best site in your market, and then setup all the proper optimization elements that make for a successful web marketing campaign.