Trend of Mobility

The trend of mobile and what it means for your bail business

smartphone in handAt Bail Webmasters we are always looking ahead to see what the latest trends in the industry will bring. This year there is undoubtedly a continued increase in the use of mobile devices in search. Everyone is turning to their smartphones, tablets and other devices to find services nearby.

In fact, check out these stats from Search Engine Journal which demonstrate this trend of mobility:

  • In 2014 1.3 billion smartphones were shipped worldwide
  • People spend 151 minutes per day on smartphones (which supersedes the time spent on TV or laptops)
  • Approximately 1 in 5 searches on Google are location related
  • And searches for “nearby” have grown 5x since 2011

So what does this mean for your bail company? Two major things:

1) Local optimization is key

As the stats above indicate, people are increasingly interested in finding “nearby” services. That means you need to be optimized for local search in order to be found. The good news? In the past it was hard to compete against large, national competitors. But with the increased emphasis on local search, small bail bond companies are afforded the opportunity to dominate and garner new leads.

2) You must have a responsive design

phone with mapEven if you master local optimization, it will all be for naught if you do not have a website design that is easily viewed on mobile devices. If someone pulls up your website on their phone, can they read your content easily? Is it still simple to navigate? If not, you will lose your leads to competitors who do have responsive designs. Here at Bail Webmasters we provide our clients with responsive website designs. That means that no matter what device your site is viewed on it will be easy to read and navigate.

Take advantage of the mobile trend of 2015. Call us today to start optimizing locally and garnering new mobile leads!