What to Avoid in Bail Bond SEO

Bail Bond Site SEO No’s

Unfortunately, there are a large number of Bail Bond SEO Companies who practice poor SEO tactics. Many of these practices are employed because they are short cuts and save the SEO Company time. However, they will ultimately hurt you and your organic rankings. If you are interested in learning more about how to optimize your Bail Bond Site properly, check out what to avoid in Bail Bond SEO.

Lack of Google Places

Google PlacesSome companies will launch a site for you and claim you have a complete web presence. However, if you are lacking a Google Places account, you will not rank as well. You will not be considered a verifiable source by Google until you set up this account.

Copied Content

copyThis improper SEO tactic is sadly more common than not. Many websites are filled with copied or duplicate content. The problem is Google knows duplicate and copied content when it sees it. Copied content will severely hurt your rankings.

Non-Unique Designs

web presenceIs your website employing the use of a template design? Template designs are not original or unique. They do not rank as well as unique designs and are often improperly coded. Not only that, they are usually slower to load and are not structured properly.

No Social Presence

social mediaSocial media is increasing in importance for any business. And Google recognizes this by placing importance upon social media presence. If your website does not link to a properly set up social media account, you will lose rankings with the search engines.

Bad Inbound Links

linkingInbound linking is meant to be a good thing. Proper inbound links from a source that is credible can increase your Bail Bond Site’s organic rankings. However, improper inbound linking will severely damage your bail company’s SEO. Bad inbound links come from false sources, such as bad directories. They usually come from fake articles, fake comments and other such illegitimate practices.

If you believe your bail bond company is practicing any of these bail bond site SEO No’s contact us right away. We will be happy to assist you in avoiding poor SEO practices. We believe in providing quality SEO services done the proper way.